Battle Chasers: Nightwar Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: February 16, 2023
Battle Chasers: Nightwar
  • First Released: Oct 2, 2017
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Indie
  • Ratings: PEGI 16, ESRB T

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Konami Code

Easter Eggs

The second “Fortune Favors the Bold” lore entry includes a description of the character’s path through the caverns as: “I go up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, below, and above,” describing it as part of how confusing this navigation is. The directions given are the famous Konami Code (with “below” and “above” used for B and A at the end).

Breakable Walls


There are special walls you can break your way through to reach new areas. The video below shows an example of one, so you know what walls leading to these secret areas look like.

420 meme

Easter Eggs

The enemy Fire Lord R’Zahl drops exactly 420 gold in battle, which is most likely a nod to the “420” cannabis-related meme.

Devil's Spine

Easter Eggs

There is an item called Devil’s Spine Tripel, a nod to the real-world beer called Devil’s Backbone. The item’s description also mentions that it is popular around “Kickstarterfest,” a reference to the popular crowfunding site Kickstarter through which Battle Chasers: Nightwar was funded.

Quess'vala (Unique Monster)


The mini-boss Quess’vala is one of the unique monsters you can find. If you want to complete the bestiary or just want to fight Quess’vala, you need to enter the Path of Fangs and the room with the journal (which will also give you extra money if you choose to inspect it more closely after reading the fourth entry) and three torches. Extinguish all three torches, and Quess’vala will arrive in the darkness.

All Lore Locations


Many pieces of lore are hidden in the game for you to find and read. They are divided into sets on the same topic. They appear as scrolls, books, etc. Unfortunately, since the dungeons are randomly generated, they do not appear in set locations and you might need multiple runs to find them all. However, the specific pieces of lore always appear in specific areas, so you’ll know which areas to check or run through again if you’re looking for a piece of lore.

The Iron Outpost contains 16 pieces of lore: Spoils of War (4 entries), History of the Iron Outpost (4 entries), Bandit Reports (4 entries), and Impenetrable (4 entries).

Path of Fangs has 13 pieces of lore: Notes from the Dark Lady (4 entries), Traveler’s Tales (4 entries), and Tribal Messages (5 entries).

Junktown has 15 pieces of lore: Blood and Water (4 entries), Jaredd’s History of Junktown (4 entries), Security Updates (4 entries), and The Handoff (3 entries).

The Dig has 15 pieces of lore: Fortune Favors the Bold (4 entries), Mana Seekers (3 entries), Mine Operations Report (4 entries), and Miner’s Ledger (4 entries).

Deadwatch has 14 pieces of lore: Last Testaments (4 entries), Notes from the Order (4 entries), Verimatrax Rising (5 entries), and the second entry in the Studies of the Arcane set.

Strongmont has 14 pieces of lore: Choices of Men (4 entries), Defense Against the Territories (4 entries), Diary of an Invader (5 entries), and the third entry in the Studies of the Arcane set.

(Note: the first entry in the Studies of the Arcane set is given to you by Murcuri at the Enchanters’ Tower.)

The Crimson Garden has 8 pieces of lore: Making Preparations (4 entries) and The Pact (4 entries).

The Mana Rifts has 15 pieces of lore: Blood of Blood (3 entries), The Calling (4 entries), Matter Over Mind (4 entries), and Price of Ambition (4 entries).

The Derelict Ship section of the overworld contains the Doomed Voyage set (4 entries).

The Winding section of the overworld contains the An Endless Maze set (4 entries).

The Pale Cathedral section of the overworld contains the Armaments of Legend set (6 entries), which also give recipes for the Ultimate Weapons.

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