Darksiders Cheaty na Wii U (WiiU)

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  • Po raz pierwszy wydany: Jan 5, 2010
  • Gatunki: Action-Adventure
  • Platformy: Xbox 360,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360 Games Store,PlayStation Network (PS3),PC,Wii U,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Deweloper: Vigil Games,Kaiko
  • Wydawca: THQ,EuroVideo Medien GmbH,THQ Nordic
  • Ratingi: OFLC: MA15+,ESRB: M,PEGI: 18+,BBFC: 15

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The Harvester


In the original version of Darksiders, the Harvester scythe could be unlocked by entering a special pre-order bonus code, “The Hollow Lord.” In the remaster, however, you will have to buy the Harvest from Vulgrim for 5000 blue souls.

Wicked K

Easter Eggs

There is a secret mini-boss named Wicked K who appears at four different locations for you to fight. Every time you fight him, he becomes stronger for the next battle. He will appear at the Choking Grounds after you’ve entered the Drowned Pass, at the Drowned Pass after you’ve entered Anvil’s Ford, at Anvil’s Ford after you’ve entered The Hollow, and at the Twilight Cathedral in an area accessible through use of the Abyssal Chain. You do not need to find him in this order.

Wicked K was added late in development as a joke amongst the developers. While his name is unknown, his textures use the filename “Killington,” so that may be Wicked K’s full name.

Abyssal Armor Pieces


The most powerful armor set in the game is the Abyssal Armor. It is broken into 10 pieces, which you can find in various locations. Once you have all 10, you can forge the armor. Once you’ve forged the armor in a playthrough, you’ll have the option of starting with the armor in subsequent playthroughs. (The armor piece chests will give you Souls instead.)

If you’re having trouble finding all 10 pieces, use the video guide below.

All Artifact Locations


There are 27 artifacts you can collect and trade to Vulgrim for Souls. They appear as small glowing objects in the game world and as green crosses on the map.

  • Soldier artifacts are worth 500 Souls each. If you trade all 20 to Vulgrim, you get a Lifestone Shard.
  • Champion artifacts are worth 1000 Souls each. If you trade all 6 to Vulgrim, you get a Lifestone Shard.
  • The Overlord Artifact is worth 5000 Souls. Vulgrim will also give you a Wrath Core for it.

If you’re having trouble finding all 27, use the video guide below.

All Shard Locations


Lifestone Shards and Wrath Shards are two important types of items you’ll want to collect. For every four Lifestone Shards you get, you’ll get another Lifestone, and for every four Wrath Shards you get, you’ll increase your Wrath.

These shards are hidden throughout the game. If you’re having trouble finding them, use the video guide below for help.

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