Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Cheaty na Nintendo Switch

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Nawiguj za pomocą przycisków powyżej lub przewiń w dół, aby przeglądać Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak cheatów , które mamy dostępne dla Nintendo Switch. Najbardziej godne zaufania pozycje dostają najwięcej 'kciuków w górę' od naszych użytkowników i pojawiają się bliżej góry!

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Game Cheats Cheaty

There aren’t many cheats out for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak there currently but you can purchase a cheat package off cloudend studios. This software works like a trainer and will provide you with cheats such as:

  • Set Karma
  • Set Zenny
  • Set Hunter Rank
  • Set any rewards
  • Infinite health
  • 1 hit kills
  • Infinite stamina
  • Infinite Wirebug
  • No hunger
  • Max sharpening
  • Max level
  • Set health
  • Set Attack
  • Set Defense
  • Charge Blade
  • Light bowgun max
  • Heavy bowgun max

To use the cheats above you will have to search for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak on Cloudends website. Download the trainer software and activate it when you want to play. Alternatively, you can also access the same cheats above on cheat engine 7.2.


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Unlocking Gaismagorm Unlockables

Gaismagorm is the final boss monster in Monster Hunter Rise:  Sunbreak. You don’t want to face this monster ill-prepared. Gaismagorm is a Master Rank 6 monster. To reach it you will need to complete all of your key quests at master rank 5. “Proof or Courage” will then show as an urgent mission. Once you have defeated Gaismagorm you will then receive the Master Rank 10. 

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Unlock all Royal Weapons Unlockables

To unlock all royal weapons in Monster hunter you will need to collect all three royal order certificates. You can get these by completing follower quests. When you take on a follower quest you will have to talk to who assigned the quest to you.

They will give you a blueprint for a new weapon design. When you have all the blueprints you can go to the Smith and craft the new weapon, thus unlocking it. 



Unlock all Master Rank Armor Unlockables

You can unlock Master Rank Armor in a few ways. If you kill or capture a monster related to the armor it should unlock. Most armors have specific materials you need to collect before you can craft them If your find the materials you can unlock the armor,

You can also unlock the master rank armor by reaching the level of a master hunter rank. Finally, you can unlock master rank armor by completing specific requests and missions. 



Unlock Crimson Glow Valstrax Unlockables

Crimson Glow Valstrax is definitely the apex predator in the skies. To unlock this monster you will have to be at Master Rank 70. Valstax is a very difficult monster to take down. It has great range when attacking and is super fast. When you take this ky giant on be sure to come prepared and ready for a hit-and-run kind of fight.


The Cohoot Nest Wskazówki

 When you are in Buddy Plaza you will see a massive tree behind the shrine that you can climb. Climb up the tree and you will find loads of great items to loot. The nest also restocks after a while so go back there often to get more. 


Fukashigi the Informant Wskazówki

A great way of getting into the game and learning more about it is by chatting with Fukashigi. Fukashigi isn't called the informant for nothing. Fukashigi is a cat that hides near a painting. Speak to Fukashigi often to learn more about the monster hunter world. 


Craft Master Rank Armor Wskazówki

As you play through Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak you are going to face some pretty powerful monsters. Especially monsters with a high rank when you hit them hit going to seem like you are chipping away at a concrete wall with a teaspoon. It would make sense that monsters with amazing defense most likely also pack a punch.

Even if you are an endgame hunter you will find higher-ranked monsters still deal significant damage. We suggest you try crafting yourself some master-ranked armor as soon as possible to give you that extra defense you need when facing strong monsters. 


Explore the Map Wskazówki

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak there are some new additions to the map. To get the best experience from playing the game we suggest you explore as much of the map as you can. The new areas make hunting easier. That said, you should try to get familiar with the locations of endemic life and mining nodes. Try to find secret camps as well so you can enable fast travel.


Hire Buddies Wskazówki

Buddies are always a good choice to have when you play. You can get two types of buddies which both come with epic upgrades. Palamutes can carry and help gather extra materials now. If you unlock the Palamute Silkbinder you can also make use of a wirebug ballista mounted to the back of your buddy. 

You can also use buddies to set up fast travel without sub-camps. This is done through the buddy recon skill. Finally, you can upgrade your buddy's skill memory by collecting Eurejacorn, a material you find in the Argosy. 



Always be Ready Wskazówki

To succeed in Monster Hunter it is always important that your character is stocked with the necessary supplies and equipment to help them survive any situation they are faced with. As mentioned earlier, high-ranking monsters are difficult to beat. If you face them unprepared you will surely come off second best. 

Before you go out and explore the map, carefully choose the items in your loadout. Make sure you have potions, traps, or bombs. Take items best suited to your character that complement your game technique and the weapons you have. It never hurts to be over-prepared.



Use Wirebugs Wisely Wskazówki

With the newly added features such as silk bind and being able to change between skill loads with the click of a button you will find that your wirebugs will be spent rather fast. You don't want to be in a position where you cant upgrade a skill because you used all of your wirebugs. 

For example, certain silkbind combos cost a large number of wirebugs. If you use sakura slash to max out you longswords spirit level you would have already used four wirebugs. When using skills always keep in mind the cost of wirebugs and use them sparingly. 



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