Horizon Forbidden West Easter Eggs na PlayStation 5 (PS5)

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Oto nasze Easter Eggs na Horizon Forbidden West na PlayStation 5. Najbardziej godne zaufania produkty otrzymują najwięcej "kciuków w górę" od naszych użytkowników i pojawiają się bliżej szczytu!

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In Honor of Patrick Munnik

Easter Eggs

Those of you who have played Ghosts of Tsushima will notice this easter egg pays homage to the game. Not only does it honor Ghosts of Tsushima, but it also honors Horizon Forbidden West's lead producer Patrick Minnik. If you are to explore the Western region, you might come across a prayer mat with which you can interact. This prayer mat bares a resemblance to the same ones in Ghosts of Tsushima. Once you interact with it, it will change the scenery and Aloy will say a few words. Although she does not mention him by name, this is thought to be a homage to the lead producer Patrick Munnik, who sadly passed away during the creation of the game.

Gameranx and Falcon explain the homage to Patrick Munnik.

Real Life Locations in Horizon Forbidden West

Easter Eggs

Being the future of our current planet, the world in Horizon Forbidden West contains many real-world locations. The locations that you can find are:

  • Yosemite Valley: Bone white Tear
  • Las Vegas Strip: Dunehollow
  • Interstate 5: Eastern Raintrace Rebel Outpost
  • San Francisco(Including the Golden Gate bridge): Isle of Spires
  • Zion Human History Museum: No Man's Land Relic Ruins
  • Very Large Array: Plainsong
  • Caliente Station: Restless Weald Relic Ruins
  • Mammoth Lakes Lutheran Church: Runner's Wild Relic Ruins
  • Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel: Straggler's Shade
  • Zion National Park: The Daunt
  • Zion Lodge: The Daunt Relic Ruins
  • Fox Theater: The Long Coast Relic Ruins
  • Sierra Crest: The Sheerside Mountains
  • Las Vegas: The Stillsands
  • The Forum Shops at Caesars: The Stillsands Relic Ruins
Gameranx and Falcon show us where some of the real world locations are.

Kratos’ Hut from God of War

Easter Eggs

If you were to roam around the North-Western side of the map, you might just discover an axe buried in a tree. This axe looks a little bit like the axe from the God of War franchise, not only that, but if you were to interact with the axe, it will reveal a trail for you to follow. Following this trail will lead you up the side of a mountain and you will eventually come across a hut that looks strikingly like Kratos’ Hut from God of War. Explore around the hut and you will find a war totem, this war totem has a resemblance to Kratos himself.

Gameranx and Falcon lead us to Kratos’ Hut.

The Other war Totems

Easter Eggs

With reference to the Kratos war totem that you collect from the previous easter egg, there are 2 more war totems for you to collect that comes from the God of War franchise. The two others that you can find are that of Brock and Sindri( the totems of Brotherhood) and that of Atreus (Kratos’ son). The totems of brotherhood can be found in the Southern part of No Mans Land, you will find a Widemaw with a hammer stuck in it, if you inspect the hammer, it will reveal a trail that leads you to the Totems of Brotherhood. The last totem can be found in the Western region, you will come across some trees that have arrows sticking out of them, head to them, and inspect them like the others, this will reveal the path for you to follow. In the end, you will find the totem of Atreus. If you collect all three of these totems, you will unlock the Mark of War face paint. This facepaint is the exact facepaint that Kratos wears in God of War.

Gameranx and Falcon show us where to find the other war totems.

The Sword in the Stone

Easter Eggs

If you were to head North from the village of Plane Song, you will come across a large boulder with a sword sticking out of it. This references the story of The Sword in the Stone. There is not much else to this easter egg. If you where to interact with it, Aloy will say things along the lines of that it reminds her of a story from old data points or that she does not think that she can remove it.

Gameranx and Falcon lead us to where the sword in the stone is hidden.

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