Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Cheaty na Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Nawiguj za pomocą przycisków powyżej lub przewiń w dół, aby przeglądać Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint cheatów , które mamy dostępne dla Playstation 4. Najbardziej godne zaufania pozycje dostają najwięcej 'kciuków w górę' od naszych użytkowników i pojawiają się bliżej góry!

Mamy 10 zgłoszeń użytkowników do tej gry na tej platformie w tej chwili.

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Joker reference Easter Eggs

There is a side mission called “A Sane New World,” in which you will be tasked with finding and arresting a missing scientist named Nick Magwitch. As part of the mission, you will need to talk to patients in order to find Magwitch’s location. One of the patients talks about his strange condition that infects people with maniacal laugher, after which he begins laughing hysterically. This is possibly a reference to the Joker from Batman.

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Wu Tang Clan reference Easter Eggs

There is a spot where you can find the words, “Wu Tang Is Forever.” This is a reference to the Wu Tang Clan hip hop group.

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All Treasure Stash locations Wskazówki

There are 52 Treasure Stash locations that give you hints about where to go to find the treasures. If you’re having trouble finding any of them, use the video guide below for help.

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Beginning Tips Wskazówki

Don’t be afraid to try out different classes. You can change your class, so experiment to try them out and see which one you like the best.

Bivouacs (fast travel points) are marked by smoke. In addition to using them for fast travel, you can also rest at them to recover or use buffs.

Setting up a bivouac also lets you change the time of day.

Stealth is important, since you’re often at a disadvantage. Try to sneak up on enemies to take them out without being seen, and hide bodies so other enemies won’t notice them.

Using a silencer will also help with stealth, but the silencer will lower the damage you do with that weapon.

Collect everything while exploring. Not only will you find useful items and resources, but it will also increase your mission score.

Locked doors can be opened by carrying an enemy (either dead or incapacitated) over to the door so the scanner will open for them.

Resources you gather can be crafted into rations that give you a temporary buff.

If you drain your stamina too much, you’ll become Fatigued and only have half a stamina bar. Drink water from your canteen to restore stamina. Your canteen can hold 3 drinks’ worth at a time and can be refilled at sources of clean water.

Consider unlocking XP Boost as one of your first skills, since it will increase the experience you get and let you unlock further skills more quickly.

Perks must be equipped from the Loadout menu in order for you to get their effects.

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Yeti Hunt Easter Eggs

There is another yeti hunt in Breakpoint. In the cabin on the northeastern side of Good Hope Mountain, you can find hunting equipment as well as the “Beast Lair” treasure lead, which gives you directions on where to go next. You won’t have a marker for it, but you’ll need to instead follow the instructions to reach the cave on the northwestern side of Silent Mountain. The cave shows signs of a yeti’s presence, although it is not there. Players were hopeful there would be another step to actually track down the yeti, but there has been no sign of a yeti in the game in all the time since then. It is possible the cave with the claw marks really is the end of the Easter egg.


Unicorns / Toy Story reference Easter Eggs

On top of the Skell Foundation Head Office, there are four toy unicorns lined up on top of the roof. More unicorns can be found at the Emergency Center, including one that flips over when you shoot it to reveal “A-N-D-Y” written on its feet. This is a possible Toy Story reference, since in the movies Andy writes his name on the bottom of his toys’ feet.


Indiana Jones side mission Easter Eggs

There is a mysterious cave in the Cape North area with a secret door in it. This is part of a side mission called “Written on Stone,” where you will be sent to find the fragments that make the tablet you need to open the door in the cave. After that, you’ll need to rescue the NPC who gives the quest and enter the secret cave to find out what’s inside and look for its treasure. The entire mission is an Indiana Jones reference, and your reward for completing it is the “Indie Jones” shirt.


IT reference Easter Eggs

As is not uncommon for Ubisoft games, you can find a reference to IT, as there is a red balloon sticking out from a grate in a river.


Wildlands Rewards Unlockables

If you played Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, special rewards could be unlocked for you in Breakpoint:

  • Play Wildlands – unlock pick-up truck
  • Complete Wildlands campaign – unlock El Sueno’s weapon
  • Complete Ghost Mode campaign and unlock all parts of the Exo Suit – unlock exclusive Emblem and Title
  • Reach Tier One – unlock exclusive Emblem and Title
  • Finish 3 rounds of Ghost War – unlock CQC Knife
  • Play after reaching Prestige Level 1 – unlock exclusive Emblem and Title
  • Complete Operation Watchman – unlock Sam Fisher’s weapon
  • Complete Operation Archangel – unlock HK416 Rainbow Six weapon skin
  • Complete Operation Silent Spade – unlock Tom Clancy’s Recon Future Soldier weapon skin
  • Complete Operation Oracle – unlock Laster Aptial HDG attachment
  • Find Confidential Blueprint Kingslayer File – unlock special gear

Note you can no longer unlock these rewards, as it was a limited time campaign that ended on September 27, 2019. However, as long as you completed them before then while connected to the Internet and linked to your Ubisoft account, you should still be able to collect the associated rewards in Breakpoint.


Unlock Drone Unlockables

You will not start the game with the drone unlocked. To unlock the drone, you’ll need to complete the Eagles Down main mission by talking to the wounded Ghost Squad member in Erewhon. The drone is very useful and can help you scope out situations before you proceed.


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