Tales of Symphonia Remastered Cheaty na Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Tales of Symphonia Remastered
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  • Gatunki: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • Tematy: Action, Fantasy
  • Ratingi: PEGI 12, ESRB T

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Transfer Glitch


The game is ladened with animation glitches, and the transfer glitch is one of the most common bugs.

The transfer glitch will happen only once you have cleared the Remote Island Human Ranch and tried to warp to Sylvarant. The game will allow you to warp to Sylvarant, but you will then be taken back to the Remote Island Human Ranch when you try transferring to another area of the map. 

Liesbeth van Dijk demonstrates the Transfer Glitch

Frame Drop Glitches


Countless scenes have frame drops. The original Gamecube version ran at 60 frames per second. However, the remastered version is extremely slow.

When you enter areas like the “Desert Ruins'', the game will generally have a low frame rate per second. The desert area has more particles in the scene, which seems to make the framerate glitch. The framerate also glitches out in cutscenes and while you are fighting. 

Kortrex shares some glitches he found in Tales of Symphonia

How to Beat Remiel


The Remiel boss fight is one of the easiest boss fights you will encounter. Remiel will attack you from a distance with a couple of light arrows, and you will need to watch out for his swinging hand that will knock you off your feet.

Remiel has two magic attacks; Holy Lance and Photon. These two magic attacks are deadly, particularly the Holy Lance, which will target a single character. This boss has no resistance to fire attacks, and the Fiery Beast is an excellent Compound Unison to inflict some damage.

All of your spells, except for Photon, will work against Remiel. It’s best to hit this boss with the strongest spells and confront him with physical attacks and Techs from Lloyd. You should also use Genis and cast magic Techs at the back of the boss; this will be enough to finish Remiel off and will the fight.  

Cyclone X shares a guide on how to beat Remiel

How to Farm Grade


Grade is a separate currency that can be used and is farmed through completing combat encounters. The better you perform in a battle, the more Grade you can farm for your character.

There are several ways for you to farm Grade. One of the most common ways is to speedily finish a battle while taking as little damage as possible. Reserving your TP in a fight will reward your character with more Grade after the battle.

The easiest way for you to farm Grade is by heading to the game's early stages and defeating weaker enemies with one punch. This technique is highly effective as you will accumulate large amounts of Grade in the shortest time.

DgreyGaming Channel demonstrates how to farm Grade

How to Access the Grade Shop


To access the Grade Shop, you must first defeat the game’s final boss, which is found in Vinheim. The credits will roll, and you will be given the option to “Create a Clear Save.”

Once you have saved a file, you will be instantly greeted with the Grade Shop. You will then have the option to purchase extra XP and other items. 

How To Farm Gald Quickly


Gald is the main currency you will need to farm, which is rather hard to come across in the early stages of the game until you reach the town of Izoold.

Once you have entered the town of Izoold, you must exit the town and head back to the dungeon where you have just defeated a boss. You must now enter the dungeon and search for bears and soldiers you must kill.

Soldiers and bears will both drop items after you have defeated them. You can collect Magical Cloths from soldiers, while bears will drop Beast Hides and Beast Fangs. You must continue to defeat soldiers and bears until you have farmed 20 of each item; this is the limit.

 After farming 20 of each item, you must head back to Izoold and sell the items. These items can be used for customization or can be sold individually for 1000 Gald an item.

Wicked Gaming demonstrates how to farm Gald

Best Ways to Improve Your Gameplay Experience


Use Healing Items

You will come across plenty of powerful enemies, particularly on “Hard” mode. When playing the game on hard mode, your enemies will receive statistical buffs, making them ten times more dangerous.

You will need to use healing items frequently when playing on hard mode. Managing your character’s health and healing them is a requirement to beat the most challenging monsters.

Use Resurrection Ability

Raine is the only character that can learn the artes of Resurrection. Most of Raine’s spells are for healing; this makes her an incredibly valuable member of your team.

Raine’s Resurrection arte can revive downed characters, so you must unlock it as soon as possible. 

Change Your Fighting Strategy

This is not the easiest of games to complete. Each boss fight will bring about a new set of challenges and fighting techniques. As you progress through the game, adapting and changing your fighting strategy is vital.

If you are struggling to beat a particular boss fight, you may need to level up your character's EXP and improve your statistics before attempting to defeat them. 

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