Mount & Blade: Warband Cheaty na Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Nawiguj za pomocą przycisków powyżej lub przewiń w dół, aby przeglądać Mount & Blade: Warband cheatów , które mamy dostępne dla Playstation 4. Najbardziej godne zaufania pozycje dostają najwięcej 'kciuków w górę' od naszych użytkowników i pojawiają się bliżej góry!

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  • Gatunek: Role-playing (RPG), Shooter, Simulator, Strategy
  • Platformy: Mac,PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4,Linux
  • Deweloper: Taleworlds
  • Wydawca: Paradox Interactive AB
  • Ratingi: ESRB T
  • Po raz pierwszy wydany: Mar 29, 2010

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Money Cheat (50000 denars) Cheaty

(Hold) R1+R2+L1+L2 (Tap) TouchPad

przez: Jaroslav   Komentarz    690

Alguém  desvendou  isso? - José Henrique Fernandes, 1 miesiąc temu - Reply  
Hallo  wollte  mal  fragen  ob  man  was  bei  dem  Cheat  beachten  muss,da  er  bei  mir  nicht  funktioniert?. - Andreas, 3 miesiące temu - Reply  
Has    anyone  figured  this  out??? - TheRedKing, 1 rok temu - Reply  
I  think  You  should  do  in  inventory  like  pc - Cesar, 2 lata temu - Reply  
It’s  not  working  for  me  either - Adrian, 2 lata temu - Reply  
Same  thing  happened  to  me  I  cant  use  the  money  cheat.  Is  there  any  specific  place  you  need  to  do  it? - MBUser, 2 lata temu - Reply  
Doesn't  work  when  done  within  the  game  do  I  need  to  do  it  somewhere  specific?? - PewpewMan, 2 lata temu - Reply  

Nearly invincible knight Wskazówki

If you are finding the game too difficult or are trying to get out of that sticky situation where you are surrounded, simply go into your options, scroll down to battle size and set it to 30. Next scroll further down and set damage to players and damage to friends to 1/4 and 1/2 (easiest). This will enable you to take minimal damage and for your 30 man army to be the best of its ability. If you wish to enable another setting to make the fights even easier mess around with combat controls and combat speed. Beware, as infinitely powerful you are, DO NOT GET CROUCH LANCED!

  Komentarz    82

Quickly Increasing Lord Reputation Usterki

After helping a lord win a battle, you will gain reputation with that lord by a few points. Immediately after closing the dialogue with the lord your game will autosave. 

Ifyou exit the game without saving and Continue the save from immediately after helping the lord, you will see that the lord is still in the battle you helped with but the enemy army has 0 combatants. 

After helping win this easy fight (only send your troops, don't join) you will gain +1 reputation. 

You can repeat this process until your reputation with the Lord reaches 100 (Devoted is the highest level, reached at 85). Getting from 0 to 100 takes close to 20 minutes.

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Pytania, odpowiedzi i komentarze

Do  I  have  to  do  the  cheat  while  in  a  certain  place? - Ttry, 2 lata temu - Reply  
If  you  one  console  I  found  this  on  Reddit  and  everyone  says  it  works  haven’t  tried  it  yet  just  found  it....

Pause  the  game,  then  while  on  the  pause  screen  hit  Up,  Up,  Down,  Down,  Left,  Right,  Left,  Right.  All  on  the  Dpad.  There  you  go  guys. - Connor Bolen, 1 rok temu - Reply  
How  do  I  activate  the  money  cheat?  Where  do  I  input  the  code? - Theo, 2 lata temu - Reply  
Do  I  need  to  activate  cheats  if  so  how  do  I  do  that - Joe allen, 2 lata temu - Reply  
Where  do  you  put  the  cheat
- James, 2 lata temu - Reply  
How  do  i  get  the  cheat  to  work  were  do  I  go  or  what  do  I  do  to  make  it  work - Caleb , 2 lata temu - Reply  
How  do  you  add  cheats  on  warband  ps4
- Arnold Laxamana Junior, 2 lata temu - Reply  
I'm  new  to  using  cheats  because  I  thought  they  would  make  the  game  to  easy,  But  M&B  Warband  is  a  lot  harder  then  I  thought  and  after  playing  for  over  a  year  I'm  Thinking  that  I  should  try  the  Money  glitch  because  that's  the  1  Thing  that  I'm  always  running  out  of  and  what  I  can't  seem  to  get  of  enough  of    with  all  the  real  world    mechanics,  So  I'm  asking  if  someone  can  Please  let  me  know  (Where  and  How  do  I  get  the    $50,000  Gold  Cheat  to  work  ).  I've  tried  more  times  then  I  can  Remember,  I'd  really  like  to  be  able  to  play  the  game  with  out  becoming  so  broke  that  I  Can't  even  Recruit  1  man - Nicholas, 3 lata temu - Reply  
How  do  I  get  a  lot  of  money   - Lavari , 2 lata temu - Reply  
The  money  cheat  doesn’t  work,  am  I  supposed  to  be  somewhere  specific?? - Jackson, 3 lata temu - Reply  
Where  do  i  input  the  denar  cheat - George, 3 lata temu - Reply  

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