Mass Effect Legendary Edition Easter Eggs na Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Oto nasze Easter Eggs na Mass Effect Legendary Edition na Playstation 4. Najbardziej godne zaufania produkty otrzymują najwięcej "kciuków w górę" od naszych użytkowników i pojawiają się bliżej szczytu!

Mamy również stronę dla tej gry na....

Pick Pocket Cow

Easter Eggs

Go to the planet Ontrum Newton System and you will find some odd-looking half-cow / half-horse-looking creatures on the South-West corner of the map. the creatures are boring and don't do anything for the most part, except for one particular one. "Ploppy 54 Gaming" calls this the Shifty Cow.

You will know which cow it is as the cow will stand completely still while you are looking at it. However, like a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who, look away from it and it will move towards you, if you look back at it, it will stop again, pretending nothing has happened.

If you look away long enough for the Shifty Cow to reach you, the creature will start emptying your pockets, draining your money one coin at a time. The credits are sadly non-refundable, even if you kill this pick-pocket Shifty Cow. 

This easter egg came about because Preston, the lead designer of Mass Effect, loved the design, and felt he had to add something in, his words were "You can't trust an animal that can milk itself, those little extra hands look so grubby. And so Preston came up with the idea of a pick-pocket in the form of a cow.

Leaving Liara stranded.

Easter Eggs

Dr Liara T'soni is one of the main characters in Mass Effect, she has her benefits to the team, you can use her in missions, and you can even start a bit of a romance with her, But you need to save her from her own mistake, as Liara had put herself in a force field, unable to escape on her own. 

If you decide to leave Liara in her force field and only fetch Liara when the game is almost done (Mass Effect Part 1), there is a hidden dialogue where Liara seems to lost hope and thinks you are just her hallucinations. Liara struggles to believe humans would go to her location and save her. 

Once you have finally saved her and you are back on the ship, Liara will have figured out that she has missed out on all the events, explaining how she had studied and prepared her entire life for this. Liara will sound frustrated that she was not part of it all.

Probing Uranus

Easter Eggs

If you have a childish sense of humour like me, this will give you a laugh.

Heading to The Milky Way, and to then Soul System. You will find our very own solar system. If you start to do some probing to the planet Uranus, Edie will let out some hilarious remarks. "Really? Probing Uranus."

Rachni Singing

Easter Eggs

When you meet the Rachni Queen she explains that the Rachni communicates by singing to each other. If you head down to Earth's moon, Luna, you can catch the Rachni singing, and it sounds HAUNTING.

Once you have landed on Luna, Go to the alliance training ground, and go up a hill around you. If you drive around and stand still in certain spots, you will hear the chilling sound of the Rachni. Creeps me out!

Elevator Loading Screen.

Easter Eggs

Mass Effect 1 and 2 have a few years between them, Mass Effect 1 still had a loading screen often, but not so much in Mass Effect 2. If you head to the Cidedal in Mass Effect two and add 2 of the crewmates from Mass Effect 1, you might catch some dialogue "Do you miss those elevator conversations we used to have?"

The Mars Rover

Easter Eggs

The Mars Rover was a pinnacle point in Human history as we put a little Robot on Mars. The rover "passed away" in recent years, but lives on in the form of memories, books, and of course a Mass Effect easter egg! 

Richard Boisvert (a cinematic director) spoke on Reddit about this unnoticed easter egg 10 years after Mass Effect 3s release. At the beginning of the mars mission, feel free to walk through the nearby solar panel array in the following way to see it. 

Legion Does The Robot Dance

Easter Eggs

In Mass Effect 2, You can gain Legion as a member of your crew, you have to do a mission in order to activate him. Legion likes to speak a lot for an AI, however, should you decide to not speak to him and leave the dialogue idle for a bit, Legion will start to do some epic dance moves, that suits him best(i.e The Robot)

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