Jurassic World Evolution 2 Cheaty na Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Jurassic World Evolution 2
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error ce-34878-0 Fehler code kann nicht behoben werden.


error ce-34878-0 ist ein Fehler code der bei manchen auf der ps4 kommt. Das kann nur behoben werden wenn man die ganze ps4 inizialisiert. Was soviel betäutet dass alles was auf der Ps4 drauf ist cd spiele (spielstände) online erspielte spielstände. Screenshots Bilder Videos Musik usw.

Wenn ihr das nicht wollt müsst ihr mit dem Fehler leben... und das spiel leider öffters neu starten...

Meine Erfahrungen ist jeh öfters man speichert um so weniger muss man wiederholen im Spiel.

Ich hoffe es wird euch etwas helfen.

Und macht nicht de gleichen Fehler wie ich schrottet nicht den Kontroller er ist es nicht wert. ;-)

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Cool Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs


The Attenborosaurus is a fictitious dinosaur that is available in the deluxe version of the game.  The creature is named after legendary wildlife documentarian Sir David Attenborough, the brother of Richard Attenborough, who is otherwise known as John Hammond.  


The Crichtonsaurus was a real-life dinosaur named after Michael Crichton, the author of the Jurassic Park novels. The author was allowed to name the dinosaur after the creature was discovered as its own species of ankylosaur. 

You can fill your park with unlimited amounts of these herbivores.  

Air Crash Wreckage

Jurassic Park 3 shows a scene where a plane crashes, and the survivors are stranded on the island. At the end of the Isla Sorna runway in the game, you can find the ruins of the plane.

Spinosaurus Ringing Telephone 

When a carnivorous dinosaur devours a human, a telephone will ring inside the dinosaur's stomach. The ringing telephone scene is a homage to Jurassic Park 3.

Jurassic Jack shares some Easter Eggs and References made in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Hatchery Glitch


There is a glitch that allows you to hatch any type of dinosaur from any hatchery. For this glitch to work, you must select a hatchery in the game with an empty test bay.

“Click” on the hatchery of your choice and go to the “Filters” menu and change it to “NEW.” Exit the hatchery and select a new lagoon or aviary, depending on which dinosaur you want to hatch.

Highlight the specific dinosaur you want to hatch and “select” the “NEW” filter at the hatchery. The glitch in the game causes the highlighted dinosaur to stay in the game's memory, meaning you can hatch any highlighted dinosaur at any hatchery.

Wondersgta Gaming demonstrates the Hatchery Glitch

How to Unlock All the Dinosaurs


The fastest way to unlock all the dinosaurs is to enter challenge mode and select any country. It’s best to do the challenge mode on easy difficulty to quickly make as much money as possible.

Once you have entered the challenge mode, you must complete as many challenges as possible; the idea is to focus on making money. Once you have earned some money by completing challenges, you can purchase and research any dinosaur at the Science center.

To unlock all the dinosaurs in sandbox mode, they must be researched and hatched in a hatchery.

Quick Tips demonstrates how to unlock all the dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution 2

How to Put the Dinosaur Into Their Enclosures


Transporting ill or captured dinosaurs is an element of the game you must master. You will first need to tranquilize dinosaurs with your capture team to transport them.

Once a dinosaur is tranquilized and on the ground, you must bring up the menu on the left-hand side and select the “Transport” option. You’ll then need to choose the dinosaur that you have tranquilized.

A transporting arch will appear above the dinosaur, and you can drag it to the enclosure where you want it to be transported. The dinosaur will then be airlifted to the location that you have selected.

Release-Fire demonstrates how to move dinosaur to their enclosures

Beginners Guide


You are in charge of running a dinosaur theme park and need to keep the Spinosaurus at bay. When beginning the game, there are four modes for you to select, each of which will cater to different player styles or abilities.

Beginners new to Jurassic World may need to test the waters out in Campaign Mode to run through some basic gaming mechanics. The mode will allow you time to get used to tranquilizing injured dinosaurs and building enclosures.

Chaos Theory is the second mode that will introduce you to more advanced mechanisms in the game, such as choosing scientists, hatching dinosaurs, and going on fossil expeditions. Once you have completed the mode, you’ll unlock a map for the sandbox mode.

Sandbox Mode is a creative interactive mode that allows players to design their dream Jurassic theme park. All items are locked in the mode and must be unlocked by completing the campaign and chaos mode.

Challenge Mode is the last mode that will ultimately test your ability to complete specific tasks within a time-frame period. Only after you have achieved five stars for the tasks will you be awarded genetics for multiple species of dinosaurs.

So naturally, you’ll need to begin on campaign mode and build up your theme park. The first building you’ll need to create for your theme park is an arrival point. The arrival point allows guests to access your theme park and all other building paths, such as amenities, attractions, and buildings that need to be connected to this building.

Next on your building list must be staff and control centers. These two buildings will allow you to hire scientists and rest them after a long day. Scientists can also be upgraded at the staff center, making them more efficient at what they do best.

Now that you have the manpower, the next logical step is to get some dinosaurs in your park. You’ll need to build expedition and science centers for this. An expedition center sends your scientists on fossil expeditions worldwide, allowing them to extract fossils from dinosaur grave sites.

The science center will then use the DNA from the fossils and contribute to the genome of different dinosaur species. The higher the genome completion, the more viable your dinosaur eggs will be in each clutch.

Once your dinosaur eggs have hatched, you must take care of them and build a Response facility. The Response facility has two types of teams. One is a capture team that helps tranquilize ill or escaped dinosaurs, and the other is a ranger team that takes care of the dinosaurs' welfare and repairs damaged fences.

Like most pets, dinosaurs fall ill and will need a Paleo medical facility to treat their illness. A capture team will first need to tranquilize a sick dinosaur and transport it to the Paleo medical facility for scientists to perform surgery on your injured or ill dinosaurs.

Keeping your dinosaurs happy is one of the essential elements of running a Jurassic theme park. Use your ranger teams to research the needs of all your dinosaurs, and make sure to build big enough enclosures to keep the scaly lizards content.

Lastly, to make money, your theme park must have an appeal. The more appeal your park has, the more money it will generate. To increase your park appeal, you’ll need to expand and upgrade it constantly.

Colonel Damneders shares a beginner's guide for Jurassic World Evolution 2.

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Do Research and Keep Your Dinosaurs Happy

The starter fences in your theme park cannot indefinitely hold an angry dinosaur. After capturing a dinosaur, you must provide it with food and water and replicate its habitat, or it will break out and eat all your visitors.

To avoid a rampant angry dinosaur from taking over your theme park, scan dinosaurs with the Ranger Team and research their needs to keep them happy in your enclosure.

Use the Map and Management View

The map and management view tabs will give you a basic overview of your theme park. If any dinosaurs have escaped or their enclosures have been damaged, the map will allow you to locate and quickly identify the weak spots.

The management view tab will give you access to your dinosaurs' visibility and the visitors' safety. Use the management view and map tabs to manage and control your Jurassic theme park effectively.

Build Emergency Shelters

Keeping your fences intact can often prove to be a daunting task. Even if you have the strongest fences and happy scientists, something is always bound to happen, and you must be prepared for the worst-case scenarios.

Violent storms that damage your enclosures could lead to a T-Rex breaching your defenses and downgrading the safety ratings of the park. When breaches occur, it’s best to have an emergency shelter built at a central location in your park. 

Preparing for the worst will save your safety ratings and keep the visitors alive in the park.

BestInSlot shares some tips for Jurassic World Evolution 2.

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