Fortnite Usterki na Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Oto nasze Usterki na Fortnite na Playstation 4. Najbardziej godne zaufania produkty otrzymują najwięcej "kciuków w górę" od naszych użytkowników i pojawiają się bliżej szczytu!

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Free 35 teirs


When the fortnightmares challenge pack 3 was released, one of the challenges was a 3-parter to visit different locations. After part 1 was complete, people were shocked to see that part 2 gave out 150 battlestars, and part 3 200, resulting in a free 35 teirs. The glitch was quickly patched, but epic let everyone keep their earnings, since it was their fault.

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Le  jeu  fortnite  est  extrêmement  extrêmement  bien
Mama1212 Menguy, 3 miesiące temu - Reply

Creative glitch to get to main island


If you set down a player spawn and place a pyramid while inside the pyramid, the pyramid should turn yellow. Once that happens respawn and fly right when you are in the sky, then fly over to the main island.

P.S. you cant break anything.

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i  wil  need  v-bucks
deano1234, 2 lata temu - Reply

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