Biomutant Easter Eggs na Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Oto nasze Easter Eggs na Biomutant na Playstation 4. Najbardziej godne zaufania produkty otrzymują najwięcej "kciuków w górę" od naszych użytkowników i pojawiają się bliżej szczytu!

Mamy również stronę dla tej gry na....

Evidence Of Humanity

Easter Eggs

It is easy to overlook the game's tragic and insightful backstory when admiring its aesthetics and adorable furry characters. Certain secrets in the game highlight the fact that this post-apocalyptic world has a very somber past.

You will come across human skeletal remains at various points throughout the game, whether they are lying in their beds, on the floor, or trapped in public restrooms. These serve as a reminder that humans once lived in this world until their untimely and unavoidable demise.

Like Mario and Yoshi

Easter Eggs

Whether on purpose or not, the game includes a brief nod to Mario, one of the most well-known video game characters ever. One of Mario's most well-known moves is brutal to a greater extent than fans are willing to admit. When riding Yoshi while playing Mario, you can jump off the dinosaur's back to reach greater heights and kill the animal.

In Biomutant, players can make use of this specific mechanic. You can simply jump off of their mounts to gain a significant boost when mounting and jumping a large gap. Thankfully, your mount doesn't really perish as a result. They can simply regenerate.

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