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Assassin's Creed: Unity
  • Po raz pierwszy wydany: Nov 10, 2014
  • Gatunki: Adventure
  • Platformy: PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Deweloper: Ubisoft Montreal Studios,Ubisoft Toronto Studios,Ubisoft Singapore,Ubisoft Quebec,Ubisoft Annecy Stu
  • Wydawca: Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Ratingi: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Crowd Events


Complete Crowd Events to earn rewards.

  • 500 Livres - You must complete 5 Crowd Events.
  • Tailored Prowler Hood - You must complete 15 Crowd Events.
  • 2,500 Livres - You must complete 30 Crowd Events.
  • Improved Phantom Bracer - You must complete 50 Crowd Events.
  • 10,000 Livres - You must complete 75 Crowd Events.
  • Master Phantom Bracer - You must complete 105 Crowd Events.
  • 25,000 Livres - You must complete 140 Crowd Events.

Fast Travel and Unlock Songs


Renovate the following Social Clubs to be able to fast travel to that location, while also unlocking new songs and income bonuses for the Intendant's Study chest at Café Théâtre.

  • Cafe de I'lle de la Cite (500 francs) - La Marseillaise and a 15% income bonus.
  • Cafe de la Bievre (10,000 francs) - Carmagnole and a 25% income bonus.
  • Cafe des Invalides (10,000 francs) - Le Chant du Depart and a 25% income bonus.
  • Cafe du Louvre (1,500 francs) - Freres Courons aux Armes! and a 15% income bonus.
  • Cafe du Marais (5,000 francs) - La Prise de la Bastille and a 25% income bonus.
  • Cafe du Quartier Latin (1,500 francs) - La Guillotine Permanente and a 15% income bonus.
  • Cafe du Ventre de Paris (1,000 francs) - Ah Ca Ira and a 15% income bonus.

Earn Easy Money


  • You can easily earn money by playing through "Medieval - Battlefield Helix Rift," which grants you $8,000 and a bonus.
  • You can easily earn money if you have a co-op partner by playing "It Belongs in a Museum." For the final heist mission, one player should distract the guards while the other steals the painting. As long as one player survives, both players will receive the reward of $25,000 and the bonus, which usually exceeds $10,000.



Icon Title Description Type
Master Assassin
Earn every Trophy.
A Long Time Ago
Complete the Prologue.
Youth In Versailles
Complete Memory Sequence 1.
Complete Memory Sequence 2.
First Blood
Complete Memory Sequence 3.
La Cour des Miracles
Complete Memory Sequence 4.
The Root Of Evil
Complete Memory Sequence 5.
Secret Meeting
Complete Memory Sequence 6.
Mystery Solved
Complete Memory Sequence 7.
Bloody Trail
Complete Memory Sequence 8.
Road To Starvation
Complete Memory Sequence 9.
Love And Duty
Complete Memory Sequence 10.
Down But Not Out
Complete Memory Sequence 11.
Curtain Call
Complete Memory Sequence 12.
No Man's Land
Complete all Rift missions.
Needs More Data
Earn Data Bonuses in 3 different Helix Rifts.
Free a total of 10 trapped Assassins.
Blade In The Crowd
Assassinate 100 enemies.
I Want It All
Complete all Single Player mission challenges.
Renovate your first Social Club.
An Old Internet Meme
Renovate all the Social Clubs and complete all the Social Club missions.
Falling From The Sky
Perform 10 air assassinations.
From the Past
Unlock the Medieval Armor in the Café Théâtre.
The Baguette Boyband
Complete a Co-op mission.
Complete all training missions.
Gentleman Cambrioleur
Lockpick 20 chests.
Open every chest in the game.
Visited Once
Complete all Co-op and Heist missions at least once.
Business and Pleasure
Earn a total of 50,000 livres.
And Stay Down!
Perform a ground execution.
Panoramic View
Synchronize all Viewpoints.
Help Me!
Complete 10 Crowd Events.
Hand of Justice
Solve a Murder Mystery.
Ransacking Versailles
Earn 100% completion of Versailles.
Accurate Prediction
Complete a Nostradamus Enigma.
Collect all Cockades
Don't Need It
Drop 20 Money Pouches in the streets.
Patron of the Arts
Watch a play in the Café Théâtre.
Share the Wealth
Get all the rewards in a Co-op mission.
Safe and Secure
Perform all Social Club missions in a district.
Room With A View
Enjoy the view of Paris from Arno's balcony.
Kill 20 enemies with a Long Weapon.
Kill 20 enemies with a heavy weapon.
Master Architect
Complete all the renovations of the Café Théâtre.
Kill an enemy with a lift counterweight.
Never Say Die
Revive a partner in Co-op.
Merciful Killer
Perform 10 non-lethal takedowns in a Co-op mission.
Perform 10 Co-op sync kills.
The Bells! The Bells!
Sabotage 5 alarm bells.
Must've Left it Open
Lockpick 5 doors.
I Got Skills
Unlock all Skills.

Nostradamus Enigma Guide


In each of the Nostradamus Enigma mission locations marked on your map, use Eagle Vision to find a Nostradamus Enigma symbol. Each symbol will give you a riddle to solve, which will lead you to the next symbol in the puzzle. Once you find all of the symbols for a puzzle, you will get a fragment. There are 18 Nostradamus Enigmas to solve

Nostradamus Enigma 1 - Mercurius

First Riddle:

The lady of the domicile

Judges comings and goings

From her couch-like throne

At the top of the stair.

This refers to the painting of the lady at the top of the main staircase in the mansion where Café Théâtre is located.

Second Riddle:

Lowly sinners, as each we are,

Aspire to the domed heav'ns.

Fickle fate points beyond,

Where a supine city beckons.

This refers to the weathervane on top of Café Théâtre.

Nostradamus Enigma 2 - Gemini

First Riddle:

At the edge of the capital

In the shadow of the wall

The swamp of sorrows

Burns the outcast's fire.

This symbol is on the ground near the swamp in the southeast section of Paris.

Second Riddle:

Where the dead rest,

Stone eyes watch.

Vigilant guardians,

In death as in life.

Look on the east side of the fountain in the courtyard of Hopital de la Salpetriere.

Third Riddle:

In the fetid muck

Where the dark stream meets

Her flowing mother

You will find your goal

At the foot of the old tower.

This refers to the base of the tower on the Seine River Bank.

Nostradamus Enigma 3 - Pisces

First Riddle:

On the hill of St. Genevieve,

I have a Roman face.

Clarion angels glide to

A peak on my North side.

Look behind the pediment in the north section of the Pantheon.

Second Riddle:

Like a halo you seek,

Rings within rings

High atop the edifice,

The city lies below.

Go to the Pantheon's roof and look on the south side, around the columns.

Third Riddle:

Pillars support my face,

Hold the nation's dreams.

Square, not round, they,

Sit out of sight.

Go to the east section of the Pantheon, and search the ground in the back.

Fourth Riddle:

My purpose changed,

I watch; high in the nave.

As secular heroes enter,

To replace those of heaven.

This refers to one of the paintings in the Pantheon's nave.

Fifth Riddle:

The remains of fame,

Lie amidst stale air.

The most famous of all,

The tomb of Voltaire.

This symbol is in Voltaire Tomb, which you can find in the west section of the Pantheon's Crypt.

Nostradamus Enigma 4 - Saturnus

First Riddle:

I wield two blades,

Flanked by Justice and Law.

I strike true and fair, hour by hour,

For monarchs and peasants alike.

This refers to the clock in the Boulevard du Palais on Ile da la Cite.

Second Riddle:

Encircled by 24 petals of light,

Our Lady of the Rose watches, silent as stone,

O'er believers below.

Look to the Lady lit by the setting sun.

Look to the blossoming rose.

Look beneath the window of the Notre Dame rose window on the cathedral's west wall.

Third Riddle:

Stay with Our Lady, standing between flowing waters.

Count one for each book of the Pentateuch from rose to transept.

Five arches, five wide-open eyes, five nightmares.

The last sits atop our treasure:

The gate to the infinite.

Go to the cathedral at Notre Dame and climb up the south wall. Find the fifth arch and look beneath it.

Nostradamus Enigma 5 - Mars

First Riddle:

In a peaceful field sewn with stones

A wingéd watcher waits.

Her gentle gaze graces all souls,

Follow to the resting place.

This refers to the tomb marked by an angel in Notre Dame's graveyard, in the northern area.

Second Riddle:

Notre Dame Cathedral looks over her daughters,

One snuggled between dame and Sainte-Chapelle.

There, the face of the Son

watches o'er his flock.

Around Notre Dame on Ile de la Cite, there is a smaller church with a multicolored flag beneath the stone. The symbol is on the flag.

Third Riddle:

Beyond a Dauphine, the blue ribbons

Diverge, making way for man and beast.

An assassin's victim struck a shrewd bargain

To acquire a city.

The treasure lies beneath the mount.

This refers to the bottom of statue of Henri IV on his horse, which you can find near Dauphine.

Nostradamus Enigma 6 - Sagittarius

First Riddle:

Great minds reach for heaven,

Men of the South gaze north,

Four Nations seek the truth.

Search the southern part of the structure on top of the College des Quatre Nations.

Second Riddle:

Where the sun rises on,

The face of Robert's School.

Eyes turn upward to the sky,

From a domed peak.

Search the windows on the upper part of the observatory in the eastern part of the Sorbonne.

Third Riddle:

Far from the river,

Those men who observe,

Gaze up at the stars.

Search beneath the telescope at the top of the Paris Observatory, in the south section of Paris.

Nostradamus Enigma 7 - Cancer

First Riddle:

On a Church that will stand,

For a thousand years or more.

Three spires reach to heaven,

The truth lies on the tallest one

Search the highest spire on top of St. Germain Church.

Second Riddle:

In the playground of the wealthy,

Assembled by the Medici clan.

The grand foyer will transport,

To the highest social ranks.

This symbol is on the floor of the Palais du Lexembourg's foyer.

Third Riddle:

The font of knowledge,

Plaything of angels.

In the garden of life,

Man first learned Sin.

This refers to the fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens, which you can find in the south section of the palace.

Fourth Riddle:

Beneath your feet,

The rich hide their secrets.

The sundial counts days spent,

Amidst the worms and bones.

Go all the way through the catacombs tunnel under the Luxemboug Gardens and look by the candles.

Nostradamus Enigma 8 - Jupiter

First Riddle:

On the palace where,

Bourbon's daughter lived.

The assembly meets on,

A bridge facing South.

Look above one of the benches by the southern gate of Palais Bourbon.

Second Riddle:

Rich and poor face,

The wheel of time.

Travel South to cross,

The water of River Styx.

Check the destroyed wall by the waterwheel in the southernmost part of the city.

Third Riddle:

Across the wall,

On the other side.

Souls cross the bridge,

To Southlands beyond.

Look at the very middle of the bridge to the southeast of the waterwheel.

Nostradamus Enigma 9 - Taurus

First Riddle:

Sending signals through air,

Made of wood and rope,

Chappe's friends took note.

Near where you start this puzzle, there is a bridge. Go to the bridge and look on the base of the Chappe's Tower model.

Second Riddle:

All men must walk,

Through gates that lead,

To the fields of War.

Look on the central pillar of the gates to the Champ de Mars.

Third Riddle:

False idols celebrate,

On stage they entertain.

Supreme is the Being,

Who calls himself so.

This refers to the celebration stage used by the Cult of the Supreme Being.

Fourth Riddle:

Schooled minds guide,

The tides of battles.

Over the shoulders of angels,

They watch the fields of War.

This refers to the Ecole Militaire above the Champ de Mars.

Nostradamus Enigma 10 - Libra

First Riddle:

Palace once divided, united by the fourth Henry.

Stone Couples salute their doomed King

For his final walk along the trees,

King once united, divided by People's will

Search around the statues above the entrance to the Tuileries Palace.

Second Riddle:

Last Ray from the Sun

He lost a son and parted from another.

Cobblers, soldiers, statesmen and whoresons,

Cheer the window's close, blotting out the sun.

Look on the ground in the middle of the ground in the Place de la Concorde to the east of the guillotine.

Third Riddle:

The Magdalen looks towards Death

And watches the precession, unblinking,

And thus unmoved, she keeps her back

Toward the Interment of her King.

Search the walls of the mausoleum in the middle of the graveyard behind the Church of the Madeleine.

Nostradamus Enigma 11 - Venus

First Riddle:

Built in tribute to the Sun,

A square resplendent in nobility

Three colors brightens four walls

Now bedecked with liberty.

Look behind the statue with the tricolored flag in the middle of Place Vendome.

Second Riddle:

Those wishing to enter Elysium's Fields

Must first pay the Farmers their toll

To pass through the Western Gate

Where Triumph will soon stand tall.

Look at the bottom of the lamppost across from the gate in the west sections of the Champs-Elysees.

Third Riddle:

A most magnificent tower,

His great grand-daughter fashioned

To surveil her subjects and the heavens

'Twixt Sun and Earth encaged in iron.

Search around the ravel on the way to the Iron Cage at the back of Medicis Tower.

Nostradamus Enigma 12 - Aries

First Riddle:

A once-Auguste palace

Become a shelter for the beautiful,

The days of sovereigns tick along,

Up to, but not beyond, Louis.

This refers to the clock in the upper part of the Louvre's west courtyard.

Second Riddle:

By the spirit of Égalité

The Citoyen is welcome in a royal garden

Where the mighty Helios ignites daily

Man's most destructive power.

This symbol is on the base of the noon cannon in the Palais Royal Gardens. You can see it if you stand behind the middle statue.

Third Riddle:

From the stones of a fortress breached,

A Concord built to span the divide

From where the minds of men gather

To where their necks are severed.

Search the center of the bridge at the Pont de la Concorde.

Nostradamus Enigma 13 - Virgo

First Riddle:

In the Sanctuary of Sins,

Light and shadow dance,

And the Ignoble Nobleman

Defines his actions with his name

Look around the ground of the house by the Marquis de Sade, in the east part of the Cour des Miracles.

Second Riddle:

Lying in the filth,

The fallen Godly symbol

Lights the heresies

Of the False King's Court.

This refers to the partly-buried wooden cross in the Cour des Miracles.

Third Riddle:

The familiar cross-road,

Where decadence is sold.

The sadness of the seller,

Obscured by rouge.

This symbol is at the prostitutes' corner in the Cour des Miracles, where the streets come together.

Nostradamus Enigma 14 - Leo

First Riddle:

Above the dark shadows

Of the erstwhile bastion,

The tall square Sentinel silently watches

The 9th month spill his blood.

This symbol is on top of the square tower at the Grand Chatelet.

Second Riddle:

The martyrs of Herod,

In their ageless temple,

Haunt the alchemist's tones,

With their macabre, soundless dance.

Search the south gallery in the Cemetery of the Holy Innocents, north of the Grand Chatelet.

Third Riddle:

In the Belly of the World,

The Saint of the Holy Stag

Still waits for his Austral hand

To reach the godly heavens.

Search the top of the bell tower southwest of Eglis St. Eustache, in the Ventre de Paris.

Nostradamus Enigma 15 - Capricorn

First Riddle:

Erudite Rulers of thy façade

Stone-faced before the blood of executions

One day you will quiver and quake

As your insides blaze in fury.

This symbol is in front of the pediment for the entrance to the Hotel de Ville.

Second Riddle:

'A ça ira, ça ira, ça ira," will resound,

A dire Twist of fate,

To dispel darkness no more

Now to break the necks of many.

This refers to the lantern in front of the Hotel de Ville.

Third Riddle:

Orphan tower, what has become of the rest?

The start of a pilgrim's journey.

Shreds of memories hang from the chimeras beaks:

This one, pressure of the atmosphere. The other, alchemy.

This symbol is on top of the tower at Tour St. Jacques.

Nostradamus Enigma 16 - Scorpio

First Riddle:

At the foot of the Saint Twin Brothers,

The Tree of Justice

Plunges its ancient roots,

Scarred by heavenly wrath.

This refers to the base of the elm tree to the west of Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais.

Second Riddle:

Sanctuary of Bishops by birth,

Stronghold of knowledge for life,

The stoney edifice

Fools the senses by its name.

Look beneath the back side of the square tower at the Hotel de Sens.

Third Riddle:

A square with shifting name,

Replaced a field where sovereign

Was felled from horse.

Now arches enclose trees

Where a bronze horseman waits.

The symbol is on the statue beneath the horse's head at the Place des Vosges.

Nostradamus Enigma 17 - Aquarius

First Riddle:

The Poor fellow-soldiers of Christ,

Atop their Stone Dungeon,

Marked their allegiance

In Jerusalem's Direction.

Search the wall beneath the roof at the top of the Temple's eastern tower.

Second Riddle:

At the source of life,

The Full-Moon shaped basin

Quenches the thirst

Of Solomon's defenders.

Search the ground by the fountain outside the Temple.

Third Riddle:

In the entrails of the Earth,

Between the twin flames,

Lies The Final resting place

Of the first Grand Master.

Find the sarcophagus in the Temple's Crypt, within the Temple's Graveyard.

Nostradamus Enigma 18 - Terra

First Riddle:

Hedged in her garden,

A wingéd-warrior stands,

Unmoving and unmoved,

At the cross's very heart.

This refers to the spear-wielding angel statue in the garden north of the Bastille.

Second Riddle:

Forever more,

The warrior fights her ceaseless battle.

She takes aim, her steady spear

Poised against the demons.

Look on the ground by the gargoyle alongside to the church rooftop.

Third Riddle:

To be punished or to be amused,

The green heritage of Daedalus

Sees the lofty Bishop looming

Over the resting Rook.

This final symbol is on the roof of the tower north of the gargoyle.


Once you have all 18 fragments from the 18 Nostradamus Enigmas, take them to the Café Théâtre and use them at the Nostradamus Disc in the armor room. You will then have three new puzzles to solve.

Cella Constellatio - Match the symbols on the pillar with the symbols on the ground.

Cella Astri - Press the left switch 3 times, the middle switch once, and the right switch 3 times.

Cella Vaporis - Jump and climb across the pillars to reach the balcony up above, avoiding the steam and using Black Eject for the final jump. Pull the level.

Once you solve all three puzzles, you will be able to take the Medieval armor, listed in your equipment as Thomas de Carneillon's Master Assassin Outfit.

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