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Robolife: Days with Aino
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How to Complete "Perfect Maid" Subroute


  1. Buy the key-item “Maid Clothes” on Nanozone.
  2. Before Active Next One, you must do Job “Housework Lv. 1” at least once.
  3. Succeed in Job “Housework Lv. 1” five times. (Fails don’t count.)
  4. Succeed in Job “Housework Lv. 2” five times. (Fails don’t count.)
  5. Buy the key-item “Dolores: Maid in Another World” on Nanozone.
  6. Achieve 400+ at all stats. Then equip Maid Head /Torso, / Arms. (Regardless of Part Levels.)
  7. Pass the day without changing any parts.

How to Complete "A Cat is Fine, Too" Subroute


  1. Meet Mizuki at the park for the first time.
  2. Meet Mizuki again at the park (Tuesday, Thursday, / Sunday morning) and do ‘Imitate a Cat’.
  3. Equip Kitty's Head/Arms and meet Mizuki again at the park. Do

How to Complete "Bribe-Ayesha" Subroute


You’ll meet Ayesha at Park during the night for the first time on June 5.

  1. Achieve 150+ at processing and stay at home all day on Sunday. (You will notice when you can.)
  2. Meet Ayesha again at the park. (Tuesday/Saturday evening; in-game uses

Hot to Complete "Hot Springs" Subroute


You must clear "Bribe-Ayesha" and receive an “Aerodymanics Note” from Ayesha.(either way, Clear Weapon Route 10-2.)

  1. Equip any parts that have the skill "Flight.” Then go to the mountain. (Sunday) do "ask for a room."
  2. Buy a key-item, “Temperature regulator”, on Nanozone, after clearing that for research on kimono parts.
  3. Equip any parts with the "Temp. Regulation” skill and go to the mountain. (Sunday)

How to Complete "Verity, Al-Vtuber" Subroute


  1. Meet Verity at the shopping arcade (evening; in-game uses "dusk") for the first time.
  2. Achieve 350+ at Progressing and meet Verity again at the Shopping Arcade.
    (Monday/Friday Evening; in-game uses ‘Dusk’)
  3. Meet Verity at the beach. (Sunday)
  4. Achieve 500+ at Progressing and go to the lab.
  5. Achieve 600+ in strength and efficiency, then go to the shopping arcade.
  6. Meet Verity again at the beach on Sunday and "hand her the plans."

How to Complete "Water Sports" Subroute


You must clear "AI-Vtuber" and receive “Swimming Suit” from Verity.

  1. Equip Aquatic Head/Torso/Arms and Go to the beach. (Sunday) then do "activities at the beach."

How to Complete "I Don't Understand Love" Subroute


You must pass the assessment on June 26 and pick job options from Niya.

  1. Achieve 500+ at all stats. Then go to the lab (anytime you can, but labs
  2. require twice as much as other places).
    Buy a key-item, “BL Book”, on Nanozone.
  3. Achieve 600+ at Processing; also equip parts with the skill "Simulation.” Then go to the lab (anytime you can, but the lab requires two times more than other places).

How to Complete "Where's My Cat" Subroute


A cat event will happen at the shopping arcade. (Evening or Night)

  1. Go to Dark Alley. (Night; Other Times Won’t Find Cat.)
  2. Meet Mizuki at the park (Tuesday, / Thursday / Sunday morning) and ask about matatabi’.
  3. Then he’ll ask you three questions. First, "A Box." Second, 'Catnip." Last, "Coconut, Vanilla, and Cinnamon."
  4. Achieve 450+ at strength and go to Dark Alley again. (Night; Other Times Won’t Find Cat.)

How to Complete "Game Addict" Subroute


You must clear "Where’s My Cat?" and receive FirstFantasyXX from Brian.

  1. Stay at home all day. (Sunday)
  2. Buy a key-item, “Sensory Enhancer”, on Nanozone, after clearing that for research Magician parts.
  3. Equip the head or /Torso and stay all day at home. (Sunday) do "play video games."

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