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Final Profit: A Shop RPG
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How to Automate the Battle Pass Candle


  • Purchase 100 or so pieces of wax at once, and the Queen will promise you can continue purchasing beeswax from the store. And you can!
  • Run in the fire mines until you have collected 50 or more fires.
  • After that, the bird will propose to sell you fire for 35 gold pieces each.
  • It's not a good deal because once you figure out how to get 50, you can always get it, so you get five times as much for the same price, and your passive income keeps coming in.

The Permit Selling Process


  1. Get your shop to the point where selling permits is permitted before you unlock everything else. When you attain this level, the Fae outside the shop will discuss permits with you. 
  2. Make a bee call. You'll be instructed to meet him at the cafe. Visit the cafe and speak with the bee there. Then, to go to Castle Marx, he will advise.
  3. Speak to the castle's chief guard. A guard will request that you buy him a snack as you leave.
  4. After purchasing the snack, turn around and return. You'll get an old drink, and the snack will be gone.
  5. Give the elderly woman outside your store a drink, and she will give you a tarot deck.
  6. Give the witch in the apartments the tarot deck. You'll get medication from her.
  7. Take the medicine to the elderly woman in her home in the first town. There is an old coupon there.
  8. You can purchase a camera at the appliance store using the old coupon.
  9. The Queen at Castle Marx will be interested to hear about her son.
  10. The fake prince will instruct you to meet him at the cemetery when you speak with him at the auction.
  11. After photographing the prince and the grave, hide the victim's body.
  12. Bring the photo to the queen before entering the bureau to obtain a permit.
  13. In the same building as your store, the permit seller will conceal himself behind some trees. Simply make your way to the benches.
  14. Make sure to head to Castle Marx as soon as possible after submitting the permit. You don't want to sell it without first speaking with Castle Marx.

How to Win the Auction Enterpriston Without Debt


If you have at least 15001 coins, you can win the auction at Enterpriston without taking out a loan. It will open up a few special conversations. You must grind a lot to earn so much money in the first shop.  

  • Sell anything until Batnik gets to level 5.
  • Buy 999 coffees.
  • Keep the game AFK.
  • Collect your money from Batnik.
  • Repeat steps 2 to 4 until you have collected 1501 coins.

The Woodway Puzzle Solution


You will get the Lesser Capacity Gem, increasing your max HP and MP by 2.

Solution to the Woodsway Puzzle

The Under Enterpriston Puzzle Solution


You will get the Beverage Boon Gem, meaning your drinks will have a greater chance for critical sales.

Solution to the Under Enterpriston Puzzle

The Faeona Outskirts Puzzle Solution


You will receive the Animal Magnetism Gem, meaning Animal customers will pay an extra 5G for any products.

Solution to the Faeona Outskirts Puzzle

The Exhibition Center Puzzle Solution


You will receive a 40 Apple chest and the Patronage Gem, giving you a 150G passive income while wearing it.

Solution to the Exhibition Center Puzzle

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