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Fear & Hunger 2: Termina
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How to Recruit Specific Game Characters



It's straightforward; on the first day of the game, you go to tunnel 7 in the morning, and she will offer to explore underground with you at the entrance. Headless dogs block the entrance to Tunnel 7, located to the left of the Woodsman residence.


She will decline to join you on the first day. Karin is located in the destroyed city on the second day and is available for recruitment.


He will join on the first day; if not, he will pass away the following day. The initial meeting happens in the cellar, and as payment, you can turn over the heads of your enemies. He will appear to you again in the restaurant's basement, which is situated immediately after the city gate. To recruit Levi, you must give him Heroin, which you can find randomly or taken as loot from Needles (the enemy, a doctor with syringes).


You can recruit her on the second day. She can be found inside the mayor's house on the second day in a room with a bed, where you can save and recruit her after a brief conversation.


If Tanaka is still alive, he will locate a wheelchair and deliver it to her for you on the evening of the second day; at this point, she will be open for recruitment. You must avoid Tunnel 7 on the first day and avoid setting off scenes close to Woodsman's home to keep Tanaka alive.


The following are things needed to recruit the goat. The first requirement is having defeated the woodsman and obtained the key from him, along with chalk and the Skin Bible (Rher), which will teach you the necessary sigil. (Obtaining the chalk and book is entirely RNG's discretion.)

Draw the three-circle sigil in the Woodsman house's basement. The alternate basement will be accessible once you have done so. 

You can find the man in black there; no matter what you say to him, his response will vary, but the result will appear to be the same. You won't have a recruit unless you select the third choice, which will cause the man in black to leave.

The goat ought to be standing by the porch outside after the encounter. If you don't feed the goat immediately after recruitment, it'll die because it joins up with 100 hungers. If you don't have enough food, you can feed it black matter, which it can consume without getting poisoned.

Surprising Secrets Found in this Strange and Scary Game


The Mysterious Toilet Trap

At the entrance to Old Town, a building with a public toilet holds a surprising secret. If you jump into the toilet, you become trapped and can only escape by waiting for your character's sanity to drop low enough to end the game.

Crafting the Meatgrinder Collection

The Meatgrinder Collection, a set of powerful weapons, includes the Meatgrinder itself. By acquiring the necessary ingredients and using weapon-crafting skills, players can craft up to three Meatgrinders. The key ingredient, the bench grinder, can be found in different locations, such as Stitches' bunker, by defeating the Meat Grinder enemy or stealing it from Abella.

The Deeper Woods Shortcut

An early-game shortcut allows players to access the deeper woods without obtaining the two required keys. By using a Venuschka skin Bible and chalk at the Old God Circle near a shack with corpses, players can enter Stitches' bunker, recruit or kill Osar, and acquire a bench grinder for crafting a Meatgrinder. However, the enemies in this area are formidable.

Undergrowth Awareness Shortcut

The "Undergrowth Awareness" skill from Olivia's skill tree unlocks another shortcut in the Deep Woods. By pushing through the undergrowth on the far right side of the southern part, players can emerge next to the first bunker where Abella is found. Unfortunately, this shortcut is one-way and does not provide early access to the city.

The Mystery of Pav's Death

Pav, a character in the game, has various unique scenes and interactions, including a fateful encounter with the powerful Kaiser. When Pav is found dead with a deep chest wound, it is revealed that he had crossed paths with Kazi, resulting in a fatal confrontation. Players can choose to patch him up and save him or kill him for his soul.

Karen's Interaction with Pav

There is an intriguing interaction with Pav on day one when playing Karen. As you enter or leave Sylvian Square on the eastern side, an argument ensues between Karen and Pav, leading to a fight. Examining Pav's body after defeating him reveals the slash mark from Kazi, raising questions about his survival and who might have saved him.

August the Gentleman's Role

August, a character who often comes to the player's aid, is on a mission to hunt down the Kaiser. Speculation arises that August might have saved Pav while pursuing his target. August's numerous interactions and unique loot, including his clothing and silver shillings, hint at his refined nature and potential connections to the town of Preheval.

These surprising secrets add depth and intrigue to the strange and scary game, enticing players to explore and uncover the mysteries that await them.

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Surviving the Perils of Gameplay


Limited Saves and Saving Methods

The first thing to address is the limited number of saves. You only have eight saves available and can only save by sleeping in beds or on the train. The Book of Enlightenment and the Perfection Circle offer alternate saving methods but are not advisable in the early game.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Saves

Saving the game has pros and cons. As time progresses, it becomes harder. Certain enemies spawn only on later days, and you may miss side quests. Nighttime poses greater dangers compared to mornings. Therefore, you should save only when necessary. Your first save should be within 30 minutes to an hour of game time.

Importance of Hunger and Attention to Detail

Hunger is significant in the game. Pay attention to every detail and carefully consider dialogue choices. Read character histories and play through the tutorial to learn combat mechanics. The workshop area on the train contains a combat manual and a town map. Loot everything to gather supplies like cloth, herbs, and food. Valuable books, such as Alchemy Vol. 1 and the Skin Bible, can be found. Expect frequent deaths in the first hour of gameplay, and don't hesitate to restart or experiment with different approaches.

Combat Strategies

Understanding the combat system is crucial. Attacking enemy limbs can sever them with enough damage. Targeting limbs holding weapons can neutralize their attacks. Wounding or cutting off legs can facilitate escape or throw enemies off balance. Once off balance, attacking the head becomes more effective. Other methods of damage include poisons, fire, glass, and spells. You can use guns, but ammunition is scarce. Choose fights wisely, as some enemies are weaker than they appear.

Limb Mechanics and Consequences

The limb mechanics apply to you and your enemies. Losing an arm limits weapon choices, and losing both arms hinders damage dealing. Losing a leg prevents sprinting, and losing both legs results in crawling. Losing a limb early puts you at a disadvantage. Consider decisions carefully. You don’t need to fight every enemy.

Limited Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are rare and randomly placed. Use them sparingly due to their limited availability.

Ritual Circles and Perks

Understanding ritual circles is crucial. There are three types of circles: asymmetrical, imperfect, and perfect. Skin Bible books allow drawing specific God signs on these circles. Each god has a preferred circle. Drawing the proper God sign grants benefits such as limb restoration or saving the game. Drawing God signs increases affinity, providing access to perks from their perk tree during the next sleep.

Currency and Skill Trees

You need currency to acquire perks. Defeated enemies' heads can be sacrificed in the Imperfect Circle, providing shards you can craft into soul stones. Killing NPCs allows you to learn their skill trees.

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