God of War Ragnarok Bjorn Fight Bug & How to Fix It

Ostatnio zaktualizowany: 8 grudnia 2022

God of War Ragnarok was highly anticipated by the gaming community. Unfortunately, in one of the first major fights of the game, many have experienced a bug that stops the action in its tracks. No worries; in this article, we’ll tell you exactly how to fix it.

The Bug

After burying Fenrer, Atreus loses control of his emotions and transforms into a bear. He then proceeds to attack Kratos. It’s during this fight that the infamous Bjorn fight bug takes place. The bear gets stuck between two rocks. Half of his body is missing, and the rest of its body glitches and morphs when you hit it. 

The bear neither attacks you nor moves in any direction. You can also not deal any damage to the bear or casually hit it out of place. It looks as if Bjorn has been caught in some sort of trap.

The Fix

Here is a video demonstrating how to fix the glitch when fighting against Bjorn in God of War: Ragnarok

Fixing the glitch is fairly simple. You need to continuously attack Bjorn until your rage meter builds and reaches its capacity. Kratos will then go berserk on the bear and activate you “rage blast”, which knocks Bjorn back and releases him from the glitch. 

Be ready because when Bjorn un-glitches himself as he might have been in the middle of an attack. We also suggest you be ready to evade or deal a critical blow as soon as he is released. If the glitch happens again, you can just repeat the process of building your rage meter and knocking him out. 

Once Bjorn is released from the glitch the fight will be on! Your best tactic for beating Bjorn would be to evade as much as you can and then attack. Bjorn’s attacks deal heavy damage, so try to stay clear of them. If you have the “Rond of Restoration” attachment on your shield, this will help you restore life as you fight Bjorn.

To make this process faster, try and use as many combos as you can to raise your rage meter. You won’t deal any damage to Bjorn during this time, so you don’t need to use slow, heavy attacks. Rather focus on fast attacks and combos. This should increase your rage meter at a good rate. You might want to consider changing to your Blades of Chaos, as they have a faster attack speed.

Once you have defeated Bjorn, he will transform back into Atreus. Kratos runs to Atreus, concerned he has killed his son. They have a heated discussion which ends in Kratos displaying his parenting skills by telling Atreus they need to be extra careful and focus on training him to control his new powers.