Will We Hear About Sony’s VR Headset at GDC?

Ostatnio zaktualizowany: 21 lutego 2014


We’ve already heard and reported some rumors about the virtual reality headset Sony is supposed to be working on, and now we’ve got a new one this time, a rumor about when we’ll get to hear some concrete fact.

An anonymous inside source told TechRadar that Sony plans to officially unveil the headset at GDC 2014. This source said the headset’s quality is excellent and already in a polished state.

Other rumors claim we’ll hear about Sony’s virtual reality software at E3. If that’s true, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn about the headset itself in advance. Still, these are all just rumors. There hasn’t been any official response from Sony, but GDC begins on March 17 in San Francisco, so we’ll know if this one is true or not in just a few weeks!

Could this be a sign of major competition for the Oculus Rift, which considers the PS4 and Xbox One too limited for virtual reality? Let us know your thoughts.