Battlefield Hardline Leak Reveals Release Date

Battlefield Hardline seems to have a problem with leaks. The game’s very existence was leaked before it was officially announced, along with videos of old footage that were taken down in short order. Then information about its beta was leaked, as emails about the PlayStation E3 Experience were sent out early (we assume). Now, two […]

Garden Warfare Releases for PS4 on August 19

It’s official. As hinted a couple of days ago, the quirky shooter Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, previously exclusive to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 (with a PC release in the future), is on its way to the PS3 and PS4. It will release on August 19 in North American and August 21 in […]

Madden 15 Announced for August 26

If you’re a fan of Madden NFL 25 or previous games in the series, you’re probably eager for details on the upcoming Madden NFL 15. We don’t know a lot yet, but EA Sports has announced that the next Madden game will release on August 26 (August 29 in Europe) for the PS4, Xbox One, […]

New Trailer and Screenshots for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Well, we thought we’d have to wait until the countdown on the official site ended before we’d learn more about the next Call of Duty game, but in an odd twist of events, a trailer appeared, some details were leaked, and suddenly Activision and Sledgehammer Games released new screenshots of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. […]

Driveclub Releases On October 7

The long-awaited (and delayed) PS4 exclusive Driveclub has finally received a release date, along with a new trailer featuring game footage. Driveclub releases on October 7 in North America, October 10 in the United Kingdom, and October 8 in the rest of Europe. Additionally, if you’re a member of PlayStation Plus, there will be a […]

Dragon Age Inquisition Releases October 7

After seeing the box art yesterday, we hoped we were close to a release date announcement for Dragon Age: Inquisition, and our hopes were fulfilled. Today, Bioware released a new trailer that shows its gameplay and release date: Inquisition comes to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 7. October 7 is shaping up […]

Rumored Release Date for Driveclub

Just a few days ago, we caught a hint that Driveclub could be coming out soon. Now, new rumors mark June 12 as the release date for this delayed PS4 game. Dell has Driveclub listed with a release date of 6/12/2014. Some customers have also received emails from Dell with the same date given. Nevertheless, […]

Shadow of Mordor Releases October 7

Middle-Earth: The Shadow of Mordor is one of the more unusual spins on the Lord of the Rings universe, as it stars a ranger named Talion who is bound to a wraith and gains special powers as a result. Talion’s quest for vengeance will feature a dynamic open world, and today Warner Bros. released a […]

Alien: Isolation Releases on October 7

The upcoming survival horror game Alien: Isolation was featured today at EGX Rezzed in a special panel with The Creative Assembly, where it received an official release date. Alien: Isolation will come out on October 7, 2014 for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The Creative Assembly also discussed how Isolation will […]

Wolfenstein: The New Order Releases May 20

All right, Wolfenstein fans! If you’ve been looking forward to the newest game in the series, we finally know when you’ll be able to play it. Wolfenstein: The New Order will release worldwide on May 20, for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. (And don’t forget that preorders come with a beta […]