Grab a DualShock 4 controller & PS4 camera in the US today

Just a couple of days ago we posted that EB Games stores in Canada were letting some users pick up their pre-ordered DualShock 4 controllers and take them home. Well it now appears that the news isn’t limited to Canada and that GameStop stores in the United States are also letting gamers pick up both […]

EB Games Canada selling DualShock 4 controllers – now?

Certain EB Games stores in Canada appear to be displaying the DualShock 4 controller that will come bundled with the Playstation 4 console (and which isn’t being released until next month, we might add). It’s not altogether clear whether the controllers are for sale outright just yet, but some users who pre-ordered a standalone controller […]

PS4 controller to be compatible with Windows

The basic functions of the PS4 controller will work on Windows PCs, Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed via Twitter. @Napo2k the analog sticks and buttons will work just fine — Shuhei Yoshida (@yosp) October 4, 2013 While it’s clear that we can’t expect some of the more advanced functionality and features included in the DualShock 4 […]

Xbox One supports eight controllers, PS4 only four

One area in which the Xbox One has a definite advantage over the Playstation 4 appears to be in the “number of controllers supported” area with the X1 being able to handle a maximum of eight games controllers connected at once. This compares to the PS4 which can only handle half that amount at one […]