Respawn to Stop Titanfall Cheats

Ostatnio zaktualizowany: 17 marca 2014


It comes as little surprise that some Titanfall players have cheated or hacked the game in order to gain unfair advantages. So far, no steps have been taken to stop them, which understandably has users upset. However, Respawn’s Jon Shiring has assured everyone that the cheaters will be stopped soon.

He later clarified that they are already catching the cheaters, just not enforcing the anti-cheat measures yet.

Xbox One players have also had trouble with the faulty VOIP communication in Titanfall, and Shiring said Respawn and Microsoft are working together to fix the problem.

We hope these issues are worked out soon, especially the cheat issues. Titanfall has the potential to be an excellent game, and it would be a shame if a few unscrupulous players ruin it for everyone else.