Dragon Age Bonus Content Unveiled

Ostatnio zaktualizowany: 11 maja 2014

Dragon Age screenshot 9

The above screenshot isn’t the only new piece of material related to Dragon Age: Inquisition to come out recently. While it’s very nice, and we’re happy to see so many characters (Varric, Solas, Iron Bull, Cassandra, and Vivienne alongside the Inquisitor), we bet anyone who is thinking about preordering the game or buying the Deluxe Edition will be even more interested in hearing about the Flames of the Inquisition.

The Flames of the Inquisition bonus content includes a set of weapons, armor, and an armored mount.

Dragon Age Flames 1

Dragon Age Flames 2

Dragon Age Flames 3

Now, if you’re especially interested in the bonus content that comes with the Deluxe Edition, we’ve also gotten our first look at the Skyhold Throne, Red Hart Halla, and Bog Unicorn.



Bog Unicorn DAI

So, let us know your thoughts. Are you planning to order Inquisition, and if so, do these bonuses make you more interested in getting a special edition and/or preordering?