WWE 2K19 Glitches on PC

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  • Genre: Sport, Simulator
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Questions and Answers

I  bought  the  Acceleration  package  but  yet  none  of  the  characters  are  unlocked  and  none  of  the  belts  and  arenas  are  unlocked? - Kingcutter8826, 10 months ago - Reply  
Go  to  the  purchasables  in  the  game,  it'll  tell  you  to  press  the  square  or  triangle  button  and  then  that'll  unlock  everything  without  making  you  spend  any  points - Alex Dow, 10 months ago - Reply  
How  to  do  the  unique  entrances  for  balor  club  and  other  unique  entrances  when  picked  superstars  it  doesnt  come  out  nor  trio  options - Benny , 11 months ago - Reply  
How  do  I  pull  up  my  weapon  wheel  I  go  to  look  under  the  ring  to  grab  a  weapon  in  extreme  rules  and  the  wheel  don't  pop  up  I  need  specific  weapons  for  the  match  I'm  playing - Derrick Opp, 1 year ago - Reply  
Get  Some  Weapon - Jm Halapeezy, 1 year ago - Reply  
How  do  I  use  or  unlock  marvel  characters?  Hulk  thanks  etc... - Richard Sanford, 1 year ago - Reply  
Can  someone  please  tell  me  how  to  get  the  Marvel  characters? - Richard Sanford, 1 year ago - Reply  

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