Easter Eggs for WWE 2K19 on PC

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Special Entrances

While you’ll see the players’ normal entrances under most circumstances, there are a few unique entrances you can see when you pick certain players together with certain entrances, as call-outs to those players. Here are a few of the notable ones.

There is a special Tag Team entrance for Finn Balor and the Demon King, due to the Demon King being Finn Balor’s alter-ego. This is found through the entrance called Generic 8 and features the two of them entering in sync.

There is a special Balor Club entrance. To see it, first set up the team, then set the two-man entrance for Gallows & Anderson, and then go to the trio section and set it as the Balor Club. This triggers a unique entrance for them when you start a six-man tag team match.

There is a special Bullet Club entrance that you can find under the name Generic Trio 4.

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Get  Some  Weapon

Jm Halapeezy, 3 months ago

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Go  to  the  purchasables  in  the  game,  it'll  tell  you  to  press  the  square  or  triangle  button  and  then  that'll  unlock  everything  without  making  you  spend  any  points

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