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Last Updated: May 30, 2022

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  • First Released: Apr 29, 2021

Sam and Max recreation Easter Eggs

A recreation of Sam & Max's office appears at the beginning of the level called Hit the Road. These two characters are found in the game called ultimate Torment & Torture Episode 3. They can be seen near the Fortress of Damnation.

pagb666 uncovers Easter Eggs in Blades of Agony.


Jukebox Easter Eggs

The intermission map or headquarters found in the stronghold level has a jukebox that is found next to the advertisement screens. The Jukebox can change the background music to the game.

This jukebox is a direct homage to the creator's old dos games like the Wing commander or Tie Fighter. The jukebox will play the music that was played in previous Wolfenstein series games. 

pagb666 explores episode 2 where the jukebox appears.


Indiana Jones Easter Eggs

There is a level called Indiana Blazkowicz that is a direct homage to the character Indiana Jones. It is a replica of the Holy Grail scene from the movie the Last Crusade. This level has a mine cart ride and is full of booby traps that a player has to avoid.

Mod corner shows a player the jukebox and describes the history of the Wolfenstein series.



Players that use an Nvidia experience a graphical bug that creates a red outline in the background.

In order for a player to get rid of this glitch, they need to go to NVidia settings. Then click on the Manage 3D Settings tab. They must select the program to configure the Blade of Agony exe file from the game folder and click on the top “ Restore” button.


Camera shutter Glitches

If a player rotates their mouse or toggle switch there is a camera shutter that a player will experience on the first map.    


Inner conflict shows a player the camera shutter issue


Spare Ammo Glitch Glitches

A player that wants to save ammunition can spear the Nazi scientists, they will generally give up easily and drop their weapons.

A player can then pick up their weapons and gain ammunition. After a Nazi has dropped their weapon, sometimes a glitch will occur where a player will encounter a Nazi that will fight back and appear to have a spare weapon.


Light Bulb Sparkes Glitch Glitches

Players can sometimes while playing the game notice a lightbulb that will spark and fizzle while looking at the lightbulb. This will cause the player's game to stutter for a few seconds until the lightbulb stops.

This glitch can be avoided if a player decreases the particle amount settings under the performance options or under the rendering settings menu.

Inner conflict shows a player the issues experienced with the visuals.


Visual glitch Glitches

A player that enters the briefing room will experience the projector in the room will glitch out. This can be solved by a player turning off their lens flare effect under the settings.



Map C3M2 Glitches

21 On the map C3M2, a player will start the level and experience a crash if the player walks towards the arrow on the left wall. This will force a player to restart the game.


pagb666 takes a player through the map where the glitch occurs


Secret weapons Hints

It is possible for a player to reintegrate Nazi weapons into the game. A player will find these rare weapons along with their ammunition in specially marked crates. These crates replace the normally marked barrels.

These weapons are prioritized over old weapons in the selection and a player can only use them in the level. The player will lose the weapons at the end of the level.

Zikshadow shows a player how to access secret weapons.


Doors are colour coded Hints

A player throughout the different levels will come across doors that are color-coded. If a door is brown the player can open them as they are accessible. However, if the doors are grey they are inaccessible. 

Some doors are locked and require a key. The key that opens the doors will have the corresponding key color on the door.

GmanLives gives a player some tips for Wolfenstein Blades of Agony


Mines Hints

There appears to be a mine arrear that occurs next to a river and warning signs written ‘minen’ a player must zoom in onto the mine area and look for patches of grass bushes. 

These grass patches are where the mines are hidden, therefore a player must avoid the grass bushes and they can successfully walk over a mine area. In other levels, a player must zoom in on the ground and look for bumps on the floor. These bumps will be the hidden mines.

Zikshadow gives a player tips on how to avoid mines.


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