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Last Updated: February 25, 2023

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Wobbledogs vs Real Dogs


The dogs in the game are very different from dogs in real life and actually have some similarities to insects or chickens, i.e., the dogs lay eggs. Throughout their lives, they will pupate four times. Some dogs will have a total of eight legs; two back legs and six front legs. 

There are also other differences, like: 

  • unnatural colors (they have the ability to be any color). 
  • They have patterns on their bodies (with any color).
  • They have a varying number of legs as well as any number of tails.
  • They possess either ears or horns on their heads, as well as wings. 
  • They can eat food that may be harmful to a real dog.

Wobbledogs' life cycle


Fertilized Eggs 

Every dog (aside from dogs that you have received as an achievement) will begin as an egg. The egg is placed in an incubator until the timer runs out. You must then click on the incubator to hatch the puppy. If you don't click on the incubator, the egg will just lay in there until you click on it. 


A dog will undergo pupation four times in its life. These are the transition periods: 

  • puppy to juvenile 
  • Juvenile to teen
  • Teen to young adult 
  • Young adult to adult 

For each transition period, the dog will turn into a cocoon that attaches to the ceiling or decoration hanging above and then will hatch when the timer runs out.  

The cocoon can be a pet that will reflect as a "mutation up" once a heart has been filled. The dog will not hatch until the player clicks the "hatch" button once the timer has run out.  

The dog emerges in a new growth state and will have new mutations because of the gut flora. It will leave behind an empty cocoon that the dog will immediately try to eat. The dog will also have a puddle of green goop. 

You will also have a menu where you can see the dogs' new mutations. 


Puppies that emerge from the eggs are the first stage of life and are only puppies for a short period of time before they undergo the first set of mutations. 


The juvenile stage of life will result in the first set of new mutations. A dog will need five minutes from being born to be able to pupate and move onto the juvenile stage. 


The teen stage of life will result in the second set of mutations. A dog will need a further ten minutes (total of 15 minutes) from being a puppy to be able to pupate and move onto the teen stage. 

Young Adult 

The teen stage of life will result in the third set of mutations. A dog will need a further 10 minutes (total of 25 minutes) from being a teen to be able to pupate and move onto the young adult stage. 


The adult stage is the final stage of life and results in the fourth and final set of mutations. A dog will need a further 10 minutes (total of 35 minutes) from being a young adult to be able to pupate and move onto the adult stage.  

The adult dogs are able to enter the breeding simulation and pass on the gut flora and genes to the new generations. The dog will lay an egg that can be fertilized through breeding. If a dog's gut contains a large amount of scaph flora, there's a good chance that the dog will lay a batch of Dud Eggs.      

Adult dogs are also able to lay capsules, which can be used to unlock objects, wallpapers, and flooring.

Available Foods


You can't rely solely on food to modify your dogs because not all mutations have an associated gut flora. You should rather try breeding instead. 

You will find that some of the food items may be harder to get than others. 

Dispensing: dogs will press the buttons on dispensers to produce food. 

Eating: dogs will eat food on their own when they are hungry, but you can also command them to eat.  

Classic food dispenser 

This is the only dispenser that is available from the beginning so you will not have to unlock it. 

Jungle Food Dispenser

You can unlock this food dispenser by allowing your dogs to build a den, which means adding 20 dirt clumps to a dirt patch. 

Space Lab Food Dispenser 

This dispenser is unlocked by playing the game for 1 hour. 

Spooky Food Dispenser

This dispenser is unlocked by memorializing a dead dog (right-click the dog core which is produced when their body is destroyed or eaten, and then select memorialize).

Suburban Food Dispenser

This dispenser is unlocked by collecting 10 viable eggs.

Nutritional Pellet | Effect: long legs and orange color 

Contains: 0x1042

Unlock by default 

Burrito | Effect: short legs and thick body

Contains: clisotrium latriphilius 

Unlock by default 

French Fry | Effect: long and thin body 

Contains: phriole 

Unlock by default 

Banana | Effect: Long body and legs 

Contains: Protrusia 

Unlock by default 

Coconut | Effect: Introverted snout, thick body, short legs, and wide stance 

Contains: Contrarialius and clisotrium latriphilius

Unlock by default 

Cut Fruit | Effect: short body with yellow fur and intense pattern and a narrow stance

Contains: Bacto Bacto and peptocoli 

Unlock by default 

Alien Fruit | Effect: Thick legs, long ears, tiny nose, green skin, purple fur, orange nose & ears, and glossy shine 

Contains: Lucium coli and proteus incognia 

Unlock by default 

Dehydrated Treat | Effect: skinny legs, small tail, and thin body 

Contains: Ectobacter 

Unlock by default 

Moon Cheese : Effect: droopy face, skinny legs, small tail, thin body, ham-like body, and reddish-pink color

Contains: Ectobacter and dropilia 

Unlock by default  

Onion Ring | Effect: large short body with yellow fur 

Contains: Magnilium and peptocoli 

Unlock by default 

Candied Apple | Effect: instance pattern with a metallic shine and narrow stance

Contains: Bacto Bacto and enteria 

Unlock by default 

Decorative Corn | Effect: inverted snout, intense pattern, and wide stance

Contains: Bacto Bacto and contrarialius

Unlock by default 

Gourd | Effect: short body and yellow color 

Contains: Peptocoli 

Unlock by default

Pancake | Effect: large tail and flat body

Contains: Caudi Caudi and planum mirabilis 

Unlock by default 

Garlic Bread | Effect: large nose and large tail

Contains: Caudi Caudi and nasus enterica

Unlock by default 

Chip | Effect: long snout, short ears, long legs, and orange fur 

Contains: Caseus Bacto and 0x1042 

Unlock by default 

Lasagna | Effect: the dog will get bigger 

Contains: Magnilium 

Unlock by default 

Chicken Nugget | Effect: small 

Contains: Phenobacti 

Unlock by cleaning up 1 dog's poop 

Ham Slider | Effect: ham-like body, droopy snout, and reddish-pink color 

Contains: dropilia

Unlock by cleaning up 10 dog poops 

Pizza Bagel | Effect: the dog will get bigger and will have a large nose

Contains: Magnilium and nasus enterica 

Unlock by getting a dog to eat poop

Corndog | Effect: long body with brown fur and a yellow pattern

Contains: Cani Hyphacamphi 

Unlock by mutating a dog with a very short body  

Pizza Tube | Effect: short snout, skinny legs, thin body, small tail, tall body, and matte fur 

Contains: Ectobacter and protobacillus 

Unlock by mutating a legless dog 

Ants on a Log | Effect: small, long, and thin body 

Contains: Phenobacti and phirole 

Unlock by raising a legless dog from a puppy to an adult 

Honeycomb | Effect: yellow fur with a black pattern 

Contains: Ratium 

Unlock by mutating a dog with more than four legs 

Lunar Pie | Effect: inverted snout, long snout, short ears, and wide stance

Contains: Contrarialius and caseus bacto 

Unlock by mutating a dog with a flattened body 

Pumpkin Pie | Effect: inverted snout, thick legs, glossy shine, and wide stance

Contains: Lucium coli and contrarialius 

Unlock by mutating a very large dog

Deviled Egg | Effect: small but thick legs and glossy shine 

Contains: Phenobacti and lucium coli

Unlock by hatching 10 eggs  

Garlic Bulb | Effect: large nose 

Contains: Nasus enterica 

Unlock by having a dog vomit. You can repeatedly force-feed your dog when it's full or uses cocoons

Apple Slice | Effect: intense pattern and narrow stance 

Contains: Bacto Bacto

Unlock by playing the game for 10 hours. 

Food items that are obtained in other ways: 

Dirt Clump | Effect: brown color  

Obtained from dogs digging  

Poop | Effect: brown color 

Contains: Scaph 

The poop is obtained from other dogs 

Half-Eaten Food | Effect: random mutation 

Contains: Scaph 

Occasionally, a dog will choke and spit the food out

Empty Cocoon | Effect: random mutation or extra dog parts 

Contains: Ctysilia 

This is left over after a dog pupates 

Dog Parts | Effect: random mutations 

Contains: the flora the dog had in life and canem labo

This can be obtained when a dog dies. Your dog will attempt to eat the dead dog regardless of whether or not your dog is hungry. 

Dud Egg | Effect: dog's number of legs or random mutation

Contains: Scaph and crysilia 

This can be obtained randomly when a dog lays an egg. Your chances can be increased by feeding your dog scaph-containing foods  

Baby Tooth | Effect: glossy shine, white body, and the dog will be large

Contains: Bactocalcia

This can be obtained randomly from young dogs eating (puppy teeth)

Ectoplasm | Effect: black body, white legs, and random mutations 

Contains: Ectoplasmoid

This can be obtained by feeding a ghost. They will eat the food, hold it in their bodies and then convert the food to ectoplasmoid 

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