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Last Updated: April 28, 2022

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  • First Released: Apr 8, 2021

Finding the keys to your brothers room Hints

Together BnB is primarily a dating game, but you will find yourself trying to solve the mystery of your missing brother. One of the first things that you will do in the game is to meet other guests that are staying at the BnB. When trying to solve the mystery of your missing brother, the first step everyone would usually take is to investigate his room. The unlucky circumstance is that his room is locked, the key is hiding somewhere on the large estate, thankfully, the key is close on hand. In the corridor on the second floor, look around for a fire extinguisher, interact with it and you will find the key lying underneath it.


Unlocking other rooms in the BnB Hints

During your investigation, you might find your search hindered by some locked doors, the only logical way forward is to search the BnB for the keys that you need. If you were to search Max’s room, you will find two sets of keys, these keys will open the doors to room 101 and room 102. Find these keys to aid you in your search for your brother.



Getting the car Hints

From a game where you investigate mysteries, they make a good show of having to solve mysteries to progress. Getting access to the car can be quite a struggle if you do not know-how. To get the car, head over to the gun shop and pick up the rifle on the table. Logan, the shopkeeper will become alerted and head over to you, he will then recognize you as Mark’s brother and give you the keys to the car. Now you have a shiny new set of wheels to explore with. 


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