The House of Mr Chocolate Questions/Comments on PC

  • Ratings: PEGI 12,
  • First Release (Any platform): Jan 23, 2021

A game about loneliness, hope, and something scary in your house... Like in most adventure/point-and-click games, you will have a "Talk To" command, but Mr Chocolate is all alone... Only by mimicking Mr Chocolate's habit will you succeed in completing the game, and hopefully you will get to experience his sense of solitude and the emotions he is going through. The game includes: - A unique "fog-of-war" system: the house is all dark and as you walk through you will be able to see more of its corners. - A mystery around the poignant story of a lonely man. - A pixel-art house to explore with a strong personality and many hidden items. - An astonishing number of dialogues for a game with only one character... Good luck!

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