Sword of the Necromancer Hints on PC

Last Updated: May 27, 2021

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Basic Tips


After you die a couple of times, you will unlock the settings menu. This lets you change several options to alter the difficulty of your playthrough. For example, you can turn off losing items when you die.

If you choose “Go to Altar” from the menu or shut down the game while in a dungeon, it will count as a death (and come with the loss of items and experience as from a regular death).

To leave a dungeon without losing anything, you can either use an equipment item called an Escape Rope or an Escape Circle that appears after bosses or occasionally in the dungeon. Leaving through these methods will also let you return to the last floor you were on.

Summoning monsters is very useful. If you come across a group of enemies or are having trouble and you can summon a monster to help, it can change things to your advantage.

Finishing a combo leaves you with a longer cooldown, but dashing or dodging ends it. Additionally, you can cancel the dash or dodge by starting a new combo.

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