Smalland: Survive the Wilds Hints on PC

Last Updated: May 11, 2023

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Use Tree Bases to Teleport


Find trees that are covered in mushrooms, these trees give you an advantage as you can claim them and build a base. After you have built a base, you will be able to teleport between tree bases.

Hold down “F”
When you bust resources or gather any resources in the game, the resources end up on the ground. You can press “F” to pick up a single item, holding down “F” will allow you to instantly gather all the resources in a large area.

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Listen to Storm Mechanics


When you are adventuring around in the map, you may get a notification saying “The storm has broken”. This means that you will need to take shelter and is a heads up for the storm approaching. If you don’t take shelter, you will slowly take damage until it kills you.

Save Your Berries


There are two different types of berries available in the game, these berries can be used to make stamina potions. You may be tempted at the start of your game to eat berries as a food source, however, it’s best to save them so you have more potions later in the game.

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