Smalland: Survive the Wilds Cheats on PC

Last Updated: May 11, 2023
Smalland: Survive the Wilds
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Mar 28, 2023
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Indie
  • Themes: Action, Survival, Open world
  • Ratings: ESRB RP

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Damselfly Glitch


At the end of Smallands, you will be able to tame a damselfly. The damselfly has a very low stamina bar and won’t allow you to fly higher than a few inches off the ground, without depleting.

When you reach the end of your stamina while flying the damselfly and you keep pressing on the “Space bar” or “Jump” button, a glitch will occur. The glitch will allow you to keep flying up without draining your stamina.

HeroUnit210 shares a video about the glitch.

How to get Insect Wings


Smallands is a survival game where you need to find resources and craft items in order to survive the wildlands. Insect wings are one of the most important resources to survive in the game.

Insect wings can be used to craft different items such as a suit of armour, and the Regal Plate. In order to obtain insect wings you will need to travel across the map and hunt down winged insects such as wasps, bees, and damselflies.

Once you have found these winged insects, you will need to kill them. After you have killed a winged insect, you will be rewarded with insect wings.

How to Get the Regal Plate


In Smallands it’s important to acquire the Regal Plate armour as soon as possible. This suit of armour has wings that will allow you to glide through the skies and travel across the map faster. With a set of wings on your back, you will also be able to get out of any trouble that you may find yourself in.

The Regal Plate of armour is expensive and can be purchased from Drustana. The merchant is located towards the centre of the map and is surrounded by a swarm of bees. On your way to her hut, you will need to escape the swarm by either running into her hut or stealthy walking past the bees.

Upon entering Drustana’s hut, she will ask you what you would like to purchase? There are four items of armoury available. Click on the “Regal Plate”, you will then see that it requires 10 pairs of insect wings,12 Chitin,Textile Patches, and Herptile Leather.

You will now need to set out and hunt down flying insects such as bees, dragonflies, and damselflies. The easiest way to gather 10 pairs of wings is to go and kill a group of damselflies near the lily pads, at Spore. 

Now that you have gathered 10 pairs of wings, you’ll also need to find some terrifying beetles. Killing Sawyer and Green Beetles rewards you with drops of Chitin. You can also obtain Chitin and wings from killing wasps, although they are hard to find.

Next on the list are Textile Patches that must be crafted with a loom. You’ll need to gather large amounts of silk and fibre before you can start crafting any textiles. Thankfully fibre can easily be gathered from cutting down various large plants or saplings.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy to gather silk, and you’ll need to craft a pair of Flint Shears to cut the silk off of its cocoons. The silk cocoons are located on the western side of the map, near Lasandra. If you start seeing spider webs, you're almost in the right location.  

Finally, the last thing on your list to acquire is Herptile Leather. This part becomes a little bit tricky as you will first need to gather flints from the southside of the map and craft a tanner for leather. Once you have crafted a tannery you need to find some leather.

On the southside of the map, you’ll find some geckos roaming around. Kill the geckos and you will be rewarded with leather. Now you can craft the Herptile Leather with your tannery and make your way back to Drustana to purchase the Regal Plate.

Jade PG-Crafted shares a guide on how to get Insect wings in Smallands.

How to Tame a Grasshopper


Grasshoppers are the first mounts that you have access to in Smalland. These insects can be tamed and ridden by your character and they are not that hard to find. The best place to find grasshoppers is near the NPC Herne area.

In order to tame a grasshopper, you will first need to find a Stonecutter. This item will allow you to craft a Cauldron. The Cauldron is an important item as it enables you to craft a Grasshopper Treat.

Crafting Grasshopper Treats requires several ingredients, these ingredients are one Petal, three Insect Eggs, and two Seed Oil. You can find and cut-off petals from flowering plants, such as the Mauve plant. 

Seed Oil is a little bit harder to collect in the game and you will first need to find various seeds before you can make the oil. Once you have found some seeds, you will need to use a Stonecutter and convert the seeds into oil.

Insect Eggs are the last ingredient that you need and can be found after defeating an insect. The insect eggs will drop off of defeated insects such as Ladybugs and Butterflies. Now that you have all your ingredients you can craft a Grasshopper Treat.

Store your Grasshopper Treat in your inventory and approach a grasshopper. Don’t give the grasshopper your treat and be careful because they aren’t the friendliest of insects. Once you are close enough to the grasshopper you will need to attack it and lower its health below 50%.

When a grasshopper's health has been lowered, you will then have an option to tame the insect and ride it.

Jade PG- Crafted shares a guide on how to tame a grasshopper in Smallands.

Use Tree Bases to Teleport


Find trees that are covered in mushrooms, these trees give you an advantage as you can claim them and build a base. After you have built a base, you will be able to teleport between tree bases.

Hold down “F”
When you bust resources or gather any resources in the game, the resources end up on the ground. You can press “F” to pick up a single item, holding down “F” will allow you to instantly gather all the resources in a large area.

FireSpark81 shares some tips and hints for Smallands.

Listen to Storm Mechanics


When you are adventuring around in the map, you may get a notification saying “The storm has broken”. This means that you will need to take shelter and is a heads up for the storm approaching. If you don’t take shelter, you will slowly take damage until it kills you.

Save Your Berries


There are two different types of berries available in the game, these berries can be used to make stamina potions. You may be tempted at the start of your game to eat berries as a food source, however, it’s best to save them so you have more potions later in the game.

Jade PG- Crafted shares some tips and hint from smallands

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