Redmatch 2 Glitches on PC

Last Updated: May 2, 2022

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You are not worthy Glitches

There are rare and unique glitches that may be found in the game. One of the glitches appears on the display screen. 

Click and hold onto the sign Redmatch 2 on the Display screen. The sign will start to shake and a white image resembling heaven will appear. The words “You are not worthy” will appear. If a user decides to jump into the void, it causes the game to crash.


You are worthy Glitches

Once a player has completed all their achievements or reached level 100. A player may click and hold onto the sign Redmatch 2 on the Display screen. 

The display will start to shake and an image resembling heaven will appear, however this time the words “You are worthy” will appear and the gates to heaven will open.  

CGreylce talks about the you are worthy glitch.


Nuclear Annihilation Glitches

One of the many maps that players can choose to enter, called the outskirts, has a major glitch.  In order for the players to be exposed to this glitch, they must first enter the outskirts map.

Once a player is in, they must walk, run or grapple over to the far-left corner on the outskirts of the map. 

There the player must find a building with an opening. The player must enter the building, and search for a table counter. Once the player has found the counter they must move behind the counter and there will find a note on a piece of paper.

The player will have to use the scope of their selected gun and zoom in on the note. On the note are the words “CLOCK TOW3R” written on it.

The next step is to exit the building and proceed over to the central building of the map. Enter the building and head through a passageway. Look for a green light coming from a door. Open the door and there will be a computer with the words:

  • PASSWORD: Press [E] to interact and type the password “CLOCK TOW3R” into the screen.

After the password has been entered into the computer, the player must find the ceiling light in the center of the building and shoot at it. 

The light will start to flash white and then red bursts of light will appear. A player must count the separate burst of redlight. This will continue for four separate occasions.

The light may flicker 4 times on the first occasion,3 times on the next occasion, 6 times on the following, and lastly 2 times. Once a player has counted the bursts of light, they must find the tower building where there will be a keypad on the wall. 

The player must shoot the sequence of light flickers they counted into the keypad. For example, the code would be 4-3-6-2. This will result in the launch of a nuclear rocket, and everyone will die.

RAXbros activates the nuke in the map.


Spam Jump into a box Glitches

When a player enters the Siege map, a player must go to the middle of the map, below the stairs, and proceed to do a spam jump. This will cause a glitch and the player will fall into a box. 


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