Power & Revolution: 2021 Edition Cheats on PC

Last Updated: December 10, 2022
Power & Revolution: 2021 Edition
  • First Released: Aug 3, 2021

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Plitch Trainer Cheats


In Power & Revolution: 2021 Edition you can make use of a few cheats on the system. Alternatively, you can also make use of a trainer such as Plitch Trainer. The cheats that can be used in Power & Revolution: 2021 Edition are:

  • Trustmeyeswecan!- All organizations and parties trust you.
  • Iamthearchitect- max construction for 7 days
  • Nelsonmandelapower-all countries like you.
  • Mypeoplelikeme! – +10% increase in popularity.
  • Whereismyslushfund! – Increases the state budget, bringing growth to more than
  • 100% (max 900%).
  • Alberteinsteinisalive! – Longer-term technological research is considerably
  • reduced.
  • Helpmepresidentwashingsky! – Can not lose the game, however, the break is no
  • longer available.
  • Itoldyou2012wastheend! – The game is over, be careful to freeze slightly.
  • Ihopetheywillnotputschme! – Add 100 units to 5 stars.
  • Welovetheworld! – Makes other nations like you.

To use the above cheats you simply need to press Ctrl / Shift / Enter and type in the cheat. Make sure you pay attention to how the cheat is typed above so that you type it in correctly. If you would prefer to use Plitch Trainer here are the cheats it provides:

  • Max popularity
  • Minimum inflation
  • Super industry

To use Plitch Trainer you will need to have it installed on your device. Search for ower & Revolution: 2021 Edition and access the game. Once you have the game up and running activate and prepare so the cheats are ready. Then you simply need to activate a cheat when you need to. 

A detailed economic guide to your gameplay

Tips to Increase Economy


The best thing you can do to boost your economy is to build natural gas wells if your country has the ability to do so. Try to build at least 5 types of natural gas wells in each province. This should increase your economy well. Adding solar panels is also a great way of providing your region with clean energy. It is expensive but placing solar panels in as many regions as you can is also a great way to add to your economy.

How debt Works


Debt can be difficult to get out of in GPS and also has drastic long-term implications for your country. GPS debt incurs by deficit or overspending on construction projects such as highways, stadiums, oil pipelines, and energy projects. 

You can avoid growing your debt by putting on hold massive projects that cost a large amount of cash and rather focus your spending on the nation on increasing facilities that directly benefit life while saving so that you can afford those larger projects later on. 

To check your debt and lend money you can do so in the Debt tab. When you open the debt tab you will see several tabs with companies that can lend you money. From this table, you can see who will give you the best interest rates when you lend money and how much money you still owe to other lenders. 

You can negotiate your interest rate for the first quarter of the financial year by making an appointment with the investor. Make him coffee, make him feel welcomed and you are likely to get a low rate out of him. 



Infrastructure is among the most important parts of a country. When a country has a good infrastructure, everything generally flows pretty well. In GPS, your infrastructure ranges from the Department of Transportation to your energy for the Country. 

Transportation is definitely something you should consider pouring investments into. Every project related to transportation has a great economic impact and gives you a GDO growth Boost. 

There are 8 projects you can take on in regard to transportation and each will open up significant doors for your to explore other methods of development. The 8 projects are:

  • Main Highways
  • Secondary Highways
  • High-speed train
  • Subway and Tram
  • Medium traffic airport
  • Intense traffic airport
  • Port
  • Oil tanker port (Oil terminal)

Highways serve as an easy way to transport goods across your country. They generally connect most of the country and thus will be used most frequently to deliver goods. They also allow you to move your army through the country much faster if you have the need.

Highspeed railways, though expensive, is probably your fastest method of transportation. They connect cities and can travel up to 250 MPH depending on how much research you have put into the project.

The Subway is used as transport in the city. This is vital for building a good infrastructure in your cities. Providing cheap and easy transportation keeps citizens happy and boosts productivity. Building these is the best way to provide sustainable travel within your cities.

Regional airports are also essential. These are mainly for domestic travel and private flights. They are safe and can get about 10 million passengers per year. You can also use airports to transport goods throughout your country to areas with other airports. 

International airports are much bigger projects that have around 250 thousand people traveling through them per year. They provide domestic and international flights and are great if you want to do international trade.

Ports or harbors are used ships. You can use ships for tourism and trading. They have great trade benefits as you can send a lot more on a ship than you can on a plane. With ships, you can trade items like coal, ore, and wheat.  Having a harbor is a great way of building good relationships with other nations as well. 

Oil Tanker ports are large-scale harbors that can open a door for you to export oil to other countries. There are however disadvantages to having this. If you destroy a tanker in enemy waters you stand the chance of increasing tension with that country. 

The Department of Transportation increases productivity in all of your sectors. The Primary, Secondary, and tertiary sectors all benefit greatly from you having a good transportation infrastructure.

A long but extremely informative video about creating a solid infrastructure around the game

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