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Last Updated: December 7, 2022
Porcelain Tales
  • First Released: Nov 25, 2021

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Soft Landing


In Porcelain tales, you often have to climb shelves all the way up to the sealing. For a porcelain gnome, this can be rather dangerous if you fall and break that is game over. Thankfully, you can push items such as pillows onto the floor to give you a softer landing.

Pillows are too big to pick up but to move them you simply just need to walk into them in the direction you want them to go and they will move. When you push a pillow off a counter it also won't make a sound so the vampire won't know you are there. But if you land on the ground you will make a sound like porcelain breaking which will attract his attention.

Avoid detection


As you are trying to complete your mission given by the witch you need to make sure that the vampire walking around doesn’t find you. There are a number of things you can do to stay undetected as you create your potion to steal his teeth. 

Firstly, hiding behind furniture is a great way to avoid being seen. The vampire is pretty heavy-footed when he walks so you can hear him coming from far away. As soon as you hear him quickly slip between a small gap or under a table. Standing still is also a way to stay undetected but must be done with other ornaments.

If the vampire is lingering in a room in which you need to move freely in you can also go to another room and push a pot or glass of a counter for it to break. That will draw him out to inspect the noise giving you the time to do what you need to.

Avoid pushing items off a shelf when the vampire is in the room because he does move relatively fast when he needs to. Another thing to avoid is the little dust bunnies you will find on the floor in all the rooms.

When the gnome walks through the dust bunnies he sneezes. This quickly draws the attention of the vampire. If you can try to keep the vampire in the opposite room to you until you have sorted out the sleeping potion. This should help you stay undetected as long as possible. 

Find all the Gnome Hats


A great side quest that really adds to the storyline is to find all of the hats of the gnomes that game before you. The hats are hidden all around the house and can be found by moving items out of the way or breaking them.

Every time your gnome finds another hat he will express his fears of the witch. This builds up to the end of the game where your gnome tries to escape the house because of what happened to all the gnomes before him.



In the tutorial, you will learn the basic controls of the game. The instructions are hidden around the room and force you to use the previous skill you just learned to get to them Your basic controls are:

  • Spacebar to jump
    Press C to Climb
    Hold Left Shift to run
    Press the left mouse button to pick up an object and hold it to throw
    Press the left control to crouch

The instructions are painted onto the walls as you pass through the route you take to finish the tutorial. 

The Main Hallway Walkthrough


When you enter the hallway you will start your first mission. You need to solve three puzzles and bring three ingredients to the mortar in the kitchen. As you explore keep an eye out for the hats of the gnomes that came before you. You will come across many as you complete the puzzles. The puzzles are:

  • 1 moonlight glistening in the night, use the paintings to find me
    1 You can use me to get the right amount of weight.
    1 Bedtime stories are stored away, a note can lead the way.

The second clue can be found in the kitchen. To get the ingredients you need to go to the scale in the top left of the kitchen and equal it out by throwing the cubes from the heavy side to the light until it levels. 

Slip through the mouse hole that connects the kitchen to the living room and you will find the clue to the bedtime story puzzle. It will have the code 7MHFYE on it. In the corner of the living room is a bookshelf. You need to pull the book put according to the code above. You will see the number or letter on the side.

Once you have pulled the books out a path will light up near the ladder on the left guiding you to the next ingredient. Head back to the kitchen quickly to unlock the amulet chest puzzle. The chest is hidden and the kitchen cupboard. The code will be Rumple.

For the third ingredient, you need to find current fermented blood in the kitchen and throw it unto the counter. Do the same with the holy water found in the living room. Then climb up onto the counter. Collect the garlic found in the corner near the scale and take it to the other items.

Then head back into the hallway. To finish solving the puzzle you need to move the pot plants with the colored stones on them in line with the same color paintings. Then you will receive your final ingredient. Mix all the ingredients to make the poison and sleeping potion and then spike the vampire's drink.

You will find the Vampires glass next to his bed. Add the sleeping potion and wait for him to fall asleep. Jump up on the left side of the vampire's bed and grab his teeth and take them to the witch. You have officially finished the first mission.

Here’s a video guide to finding all the ingredients and hats of the previous gnomes.

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