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Last Updated: June 22, 2022

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Useful information on orbs Hints

When playing Peglin, a player will use an orb that is shaped like a ball. The orb will act as a pool ball on a pool table. The orb will deflect off angles of the deck and the player must use the angles created in the game to their advantage.

The intended direction that the player wants the ball to travel can be estimated and manipulated by hitting the angles and using deflection. 

If there are no possible angles for a player to use, the player must strategically aim for the restocking pegs and they will refresh the board.

When a player is aiming they must use their mouse wheel. This will allow a player to have accurate control.

This will only be effective if a player has a stable mouse at their disposal.

Northernlion shows a player some tips and hints in Peglin


Collect Certain Orbs Hints

Players will collect orbs in the game and there are certain orbs that will allow a player to advance faster in the game.

These orbs can be upgraded as the player advances in the game.

A few of the best-rated orbs a player can collect are the Poltergeist, Echorb, Ball Lightning, Ircicle, Nosforbatu, and Matryorbshka.

These orbs will assist a player to pierce through enemies, heal the player, ignore shields, and have the ability to split a single orb into multiple orbs. 

Frost Prime shares the best orbs to collect in Peglin.


Avoid these orbs Hints

There are certain orbs that a player must not take as they will hinder a player's progress.

The orbs a player must avoid are Bramball, Oreb, Daggorb, and Orbelisk. 

These orbs should be avoided by a player as they bounce differently and do little damage to the enemy. 


The best Relics Hints

In the game of Peglin a player will unlock relics. There are multiple relics a player can unlock.

It is important for a player to consider that some relics are more advantageous than others for long-term replays. 

The best relics a player can unlock are the Matryoshka Shell, Power Glove, Electropegnet, and An Apple A Day. 

These specific relics will add multiple balls to a player's shot and increase their base.

These relics will increase the critical damage the player's orb does to the enemy and improve their health. 

Sifd shows a player the best relics in Peglin.


The worst relics to avoid Hints

There are certain relics a player must try to avoid in Peglin.

The relics that a player must avoid are the Consolation Prize, Curse of the Peglin King, Sand Arrows, and Wand of Skulltimate Power. 

Some of these relics are advantageous to a player because they can change the player's shot damage, they can apply blindness to enemies, and cause double damage to an enemy but it comes at the cost of the player's health. 

Sifd shows a player the worst relics


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