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Last Updated: June 22, 2022

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Different pegs & bombs guide Guides

A player in the game will come across different pegs and bombs. It is important for the player to understand the functions of the pegs and bombs.

The first peg a player must try to hit is a crit peg. This peg will result in the player's ball having critical damage instead of the ordinary damage the ball usually inflicts.

The crit pegs will always be found in different positions at every level, but the number of crit pegs will always remain the same at every level.

When a player hits a refresh peg all the pegs on the screen will refresh and it converts a random peg on the board into a new refresh peg. 

There are bombs in the game and when a player hits an ordinary bomb for the first time, it will light a fuse. 

The second time the player hits the bomb it will act as a detonation and the bomb will explode resulting in the player inflicting 50 damage to all enemies currently on their screen.

This damage will happen before a player's orb is fired down the line.

The detonating of the bomb will also rapidly launch the player's ball away from the detonated bomb.

Once a bomb has been detonated by a player it will be permanently removed.

A Red bomb is another type of bomb a player will encounter during gameplay.

The first time a player hits the Red bomb it will light the fuse of the bomb, only after the second time hitting the bomb will cause it to detonate.

Red Bombs are dangerous for players because when a Red bomb detonates it damages a player for 4 bars of health.

A player will only start to find Red bombs during Area 3 unless the player has Sapper Sack.

Aliens rock shows a player a Red bomb and where to find them.


Basic gameplay guide Guides

The aim of the Peglin game is for a player to make it through the 4 zones, and eliminate all the boss enemies on the way.

The player must first understand how to inflict damage on the enemy bosses effectively.

The player will start the game with a normal ball that inflicts normal damage. The player must hit a Crit Peg and their ball will morph into a critical damage ball that does far greater damage.

A player must right-click on their ball to discard the ball when they want to use a different ball.

A player must use the discarding tool when they collect orbs like the Memorb, Echorb, Doctorb, and EGG.

During gameplay, the player will be offered the opportunity to upgrade their orbs.

This will happen when a player is rewarded after combat with the enemy, or through an event. 

Brodes Plays takes a player through some basic gameplay.


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