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  • First Released: Oct 12, 2021

After crashing on an island, your only goal is to escape! Join up with friends or try to survive on your own on the harsh island that awaits. Collect materials, craft tools, and survive against other players, animals, or monsters that come out at night. Escape the island by crafting a radio transmitter and signaling for help; but be careful, the rescue helicopter will leave most players behind! In Paradise, you can craft useful items like hatchets, campfires, or various weapons. You can also build structures to protect you from monsters or other players. Survival means every man for himself - some players may be friendly, but others will be hostile! The number one thing to keep in mind is that the rescue chopper has a limited capacity on how many players can be rescued, so if you are not fast enough, you will be left behind! Players can create their own in-game servers or easily join others in the server browser. Players also have the ability to unlock new characters to play as.

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