Operation: Tango Hints on PC

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How to use the Friend Pass Hints

If you own the game, you can invite a friend who does not own the game to play with you for free through use of the Friend Pass system. To use the Friend Pass, the person without the game just needs to download the free demo. Players with the demo can play the entire game by playing with someone who owns the full game. However, the player without the game will not be able to earn trophies/achievements.


Beginning Tips Hints

Communicate with your partner as you play. You’ll need to work together in order to succeed. Since each of you sees a different view, make sure to describe things clearly and in detail.

Both roles are necessary and equally important to the mission, so choose whichever one you want to try first. You might consider trying out the other one later, replaying missions in order to experience the other side. Trying both roles might also help you communicate better with your partner as you play.

There is a built-in hint system if you get stuck. If you press the hint button, you’ll be given a clue that should put you on the right path. Hints do not tell you outright what the solution is.

The game auto-saves as you play, so you shouldn’t need to worry about losing progress if you need to stop.


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