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Last Updated: April 21, 2023

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Be wise when choosing your race routes


There are several paths you can take during a race. There may be jumps or forks in the road in some of them. Although they all lead to the same destination, some are riskier than others.

If you make the jump incorrectly, you risk crashing, wrecking, or losing a position to a competitor. If you choose a different fork in the road than the others, it might work out perfectly for you, but if the route is a little tighter to go around or there is a jump at the end of it, you could crash. Take the simpler path if you are leading a race. However, if you want to win, you might want to adopt a riskier and more aggressive tactic.

Maintain Good Heat Control


The intensity of Need for Speed Unbound monitors how hostile the police are when they notice you driving around. You collect heat by finishing races, and you can see how much your heat will increase when a race is finished when you select it.

There are five heat levels, and as you go up the tiers, more powerful police cars will be sent out to stop you. To escape, you will need to move quickly and with agility; otherwise, you risk being caught and losing any winnings from that session.

Heat Level - Alertness of Police

One: The police will see you driving around, but they won't stop you unless you hit one of them.

Two: If you are visible for a prolonged period, police are more likely to notice you and pursue you.

Three: If you pass the police, you will be immediately spotted, and even more cars will join the pursuit, which is usually between level one and two officers. If you are pursued for an extended period, the situation may escalate to level four.

Four: As the chase continues, the police become more persistent and will call for assistance. Additionally, police helicopters will pursue, directing officers to your location, which might reach heat level five.
Five: Units that are far faster and more powerful will pursue you in large numbers. Two helicopters will be in the air, hard-to-destroy police trucks will try to ram you and wreck your automobile, and even if you manage to flee, you will be actively pursued until the heat level drops. This degree of heat is exceedingly difficult to avoid and can almost certainly result in a bust.

You can return it to zero by finishing the session at a garage and continuing the following day if you are driving at night with a high heat level.

It will carry over to the night session if you use high heat during the day and go back to the garage or safehouse to reset.

This is not ideal because racing at night can make you more money, so it will be difficult. Keep in mind that if the police wreck your automobile, it becomes a bust, and you forfeit your money for that session.

Identify Gas Stations on a Map


Petrol stations can be found all over the neighborhood. The petrol stations are easy to spot because they are illuminated and brilliant blue, and if you drive through them, they will fix your automobile.

Until you locate them, gas stations do not appear on the map, in contrast to treasures like billboards and bears.

If your car is on the verge of being destroyed during a police chase, this is incredibly helpful. Additionally, you ought to use them on assignments that require you to transport automobiles under particular circumstances. If you stop at a gas station first before turning in the car, you can fix it and collect the most money possible.

This guide will show you just how easy it is to get your car repaired as well as some other useful tips to guide you through the game.

Build Up of Nitrous Bursts


In Need for Speed Unbound, in addition to the standard nitrous boost in your car, you can also build up nitrous bursts. You can draft other vehicles, drift, get airborne, and crash into rivals or law enforcement to build up the bursts.

You can stack up to three bursts, which will appear as yellow segments next to the standard nitrous levels. Keep in mind, though, that the bursts will expire if not used, so use them as soon as they are available.

The blasts are fantastic for getting past opponents or ramming police to destroy them. If you wreck a police officer, you will use up three burst segments. The quickest way to build up surges during a race is to "draft," which is when one car follows another straight in its slipstream. Drafting is effective for overtaking maneuvers and can be used against rivals and law enforcement.

This how-to guide is great for learning how to use your nos effectively.

Utilize the Quick Route feature


You must search for and choose a location on the map to reach specific locations, such as a race or a safehouse; this can take some time. It is particularly annoying when you are involved in a police pursuit and are trying to locate the closest safehouse. It might be simpler to choose the rapid way; there will be a button to push that is visible on the HUD in the screen's upper right corner.

Once activated, it will present you with two choices: one for the path to the closest safehouse and another for the closest meeting location. Choosing a direct route to another race following one if there is one available

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