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Last Updated: April 21, 2023

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Bridge Guide


Players who have completed at least Week 2 of the game and whose garages are at least Super Upgrade level will find this advice to be helpful. Then spend $32,000 to get the Getaway Driver auxiliary parts and outfit them with your preferred vehicle.

The following step is to increase your heat level to level 5 by nightfall. When night falls and your heat level reaches 5, go to Boost's Safehouse and launch a level 5 pursuit when you spot a police car nearby. The police shouldn't be able to find you there if you go to the nearby bridge and hide underneath it next to the pillars of support. When you are in a position to do so, turn off your engine to reduce the amount of time you must wait for the police to give up.

For completing the evasion, you should receive roughly $2500, but if you have the Getaway Driver supplementary parts, you should receive $5000.

If it works out for you and you get the hang of it, you can always do this repeatedly to keep making money.

It may be a little tricky to grasp the concept by just reading it so this guide will help you through the process step by step.

Choosing the appropriate level of difficulty


There are different levels of difficulty to choose from, including relaxed, challenging, and intense, similar to other games. You can only attempt a set number of times each day in the NFS (Need for Speed) game; therefore, to play it properly, you must be confident in your ability to earn money.

Challenge Level and Restarts Per Day

Relaxed: Ten

Challenging: Four

Intense: Two

Along with restarts, the difficulty option also affects the health of your automobiles, with the harsher difficulty you pick giving you less health. This has an impact on the aggressiveness of both the competing drivers and the police during pursuits.

Although once a difficulty has been selected, you are not locked into it; instead, you may only change it in the garage, so if you are in the middle of the day, you must return to the garage and finish that session to make the change.

Managing the throttle when a race begins


When you are moving from a motionless start in NFS, you need to control the throttle for a smoother start. Although it might seem obvious, it can be quite simple to hold down the accelerator in an attempt to gain a speedy start, and in certain older games, that was a viable choice.

On the speedometer, a little white notch that indicates the perfect throttle point can be found to encourage better driving; when the needle is in the ideal position, the notch will turn green. If you do it perfectly, you should have a great start and leave straight away. Overrev will cause wheelspin, poor acceleration, and time loss.

The bonus tip here will show you just how to time your starting perfectly and also some other useful advice to improve your gameplay.

If you can't afford a new car, consider upgrading


To compete in various races, you must have a specified class of automobile, such as an A class, a B class, an S class, or an S+ class. Buying a new automobile is highly expensive, especially if you want a faster, higher-class vehicle. Instead, you can upgrade your vehicle's parts for better performance at a lower cost.

You can raise the class of your present vehicle in this way. With enough parts switched out, you may improve a B-class vehicle to an A. This is a fantastic way to upgrade your vehicle to racing standards without going over budget.

You can also go back, which is fantastic. By upgrading to an A class, you can later convert the vehicle back to a B class if necessary by reinstalling the original components.

This guide will show you all the ins and outs of upgrading your car.

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