Need for Speed: Unbound Glitches on PC

Last Updated: April 21, 2023

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Unlimited Money


You can use this technique to keep making a lot of money early on in the game. However, since it is a trick, the developers will likely patch it, and it will eventually cease to function. Anyway, here's how to start Need for Speed Unbound with free, limitless money while it's still active.

  • Purchase a Body Kit. Pressing left and X on a PS5 or left and A on an Xbox will bring up the body kit menu. Press all of the buttons at once.
  • Before attempting this cheat, be sure to have your progress saved because it may cause your game to freeze.
  • After that, select Options, exit the game and then restart. When you choose to continue the story, you should discover that you have extra money to start over. This procedure may be repeated.

As previously indicated, this issue will likely be fixed in the future.

This video will take you through just how this hack works.

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I  need  some  help  on  how  to  download  MegaDev  Trainer  onto  my  PS5?
If  someone  knows  or  can  provide  a  step-by-step  process  on  how  to  download  Megadev  Trainer.  I  would  really  appreciate  your  help...
Thank  you  for  your  time
Take  Care
Micheal, 5 months ago Reply
Can  I  use  the  trainer  cheat  on  my  Xbox  one  for  the  NFS  unbound  game  and  if  so,  how  do  I  do  it?
Michael Davis, 9 months ago Reply
We also have a page for this game on....