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Last Updated: May 30, 2022
  • First Released: Feb 16, 2021

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Pop up boxes


When a player has downloaded Nebuchadnezzar and loads the game. A player may experience a series of error boxes that will appear on their screen. A player can click away from these error boxes but they will continue to pop up throughout the game.

This glitch only occurs when a player uses Nebuchadnezzar as a character. The boxes will appear behind the icon of the player.

How to create fertile land


In order for a player to feed their peasants and their first citizen class. They will need a grain farm and a goat farm.

A player will need to locate an area on the map with good fertile land where they can grow grain and set goats to graze so they can produce milk. If the player’s map doesn’t have large fertile patches they will have to create fertile land by setting up an irrigation system.

An irrigation system will require a supply of water. The player must build channels for water to flow. Once a player has built the channels they will need to pump water from a river by building an irrigation pump between the channel and the riverside. If the channel is not fully filled with water a player will need to build a second pump.

The player would have now created fertile ground for them to place their grain and farm goats for their milk. 

perafilazof shares a guide how to make land fertile for farming

How to farm and store food


Once a player has created a farm on the fertile land they have created or found. The player will be able to plant grain or farm goats. 

The player must click on the farm and options will be available for the player to choose.

There will be a slot for the player to create farmers or shepherds and another option will appear for the player to create a hauler.

Once a player has a goat farm he must add an additional shepherd goat farm. 

It is important for a player to remember that livestock farms work best with 3 farmers and 2 haulers. While crop farms work best with 4 farmers and 1 hauler.

Once a player has added an additional shepherd, they must select the goat pasture option.

The player must place the goat farm on pastures until the player can fill the shepherd’s maximum workload, which is 18 goats per shepherd.

The next step for the player is to build a warehouse that will receive grain and goat’s milk. The warehouse must be built in the range of the farm’s haulers, these are workers that transport the grain and goats' milk to a warehouse. 

The haulers have a limited range that is represented by the blue dotted line that will appear on the screen when a player clicks on a hauler. 

In order for the haulers to have access to the warehouse, a player will have to build a road to the warehouse. The warehouse doesn’t have a specific entrance, a road can therefore be built on any side of the warehouse.

An additional tip for a player to note when their road to the warehouse is this long. If a player uses three shepherds they must use two haulers to ensure they have a fast production. 

A player must set limits on the goods stored at their warehouses, as grain is harvested seasonally and goat’s milk is constant. This will ensure that they reserve space for grain.  

After the food has been stored at the warehouse a player must build a Poor market.

This building is where the haulers take the food from the warehouse and make it available for the citizens.

It is important to build the Poor Market close to the warehouse as it will eliminate the time it takes haulers to get to the market and they will be more efficient.

StefaNonses provides a guide to farming and store food

Raising Prestige


A player must raise their prestige level in order to open their trade routes with other ports.

The player can raise their prestige by upgrading the housing level of their peasants to the maximum level of 4.

Prestige can be raised by a player when administrators move into the player's city. These administrative civilians work at the administrative buildings a player must build.

It is a requirement that there are sufficient Dates and fish in the city. These resources are a must for a player to attract higher working-class citizens.

A player must grow Dates on farms and these farms must have their own warehouses and haulers.

A player will also have to build a brewery and produce beer for the citizens. If there is an excess of beer a player can trade beer for resources they need such as copper.

The player must also build villas for the higher-class civilians to live in. This will raise the player's overall prestige.

LudumORBIS takes a person though a guide to raise prestige.

Use the statistics


A player must use the statistics bar regularly to maintain an overview of the consumption of their citizen's resources. The statistics will provide an accurate overview of the player’s exports that they must compare with their production and imports. 

This tip will help a player to recognize when they are not producing enough goods and must trade goods in excess for goods in need.

perafilazof shows a player the importance of export and trade.

Build a port


Building a port is one of the most important aspects a player must achieve in Nebuchadnezzar. A port will open a trade route for a player and allow the player to import and export goods. This will in return generate gold and a player can trade resources they need to upgrade their civilization.

A port must be built close to the warehouses and roads must link the port to the warehouse to increase supply. Once a port has been built a player can request to trade with other ports.

It is advised to first offer a trade gift to other traders and build prestige to strengthen a player's exports and imports. 

GhazPlays shows a player some tips in Nebuchadnezzar gameplay

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