NBA 2K19 Unlockables on PC

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Road to 99 Level Rewards Unlockables

As you level up on your way to complete the Road to 99, you’ll unlock certain rep rewards at key levels.

Level 65

  • The ability to dye your hair at Doc’s
  • The ability to perform pre-game rituals
  • Animations for pro dribbling, shooting, dunking, and passing
  • MyCourt balls
  • A MyTeam reward

Level 70

  • Expressive Badge (show emotion during a game)
  • The ability to perform celebrations
  • Animations for elite dribbling, shooting, dunking, and passing

Level 75

  • Mitchell and Ness
  • Custom jumpshots
  • A MyTeam reward

Level 80

  • The ability to wear your NBA team jersey
  • New Era merchandise
  • Tier 1 Signature Pre-Game Rituals
  • Tier 2 Signature Emote Animations
  • Custom MyCourt floors
  • Footballs sold at Swag’s Main Street Clothing

Level 85

  • Tier 1 Signature Celebrations
  • Tier 2 Signature Movement Animations
  • A MyTeam Reward
  • Custom arena sounds and music
  • NBA Murals for MyCourt
  • Custom jewelry sold at Swag’s Main Street Clothing
  • New skateboards at Wheels

Level 90

  • The ability to influence your team’s roster, plays, etc.
  • Tier 3 Signature Emotes
  • A MyTeam reward
  • Mini-basketball machine for MyCourt
  • Custom eyewear sold at Swag’s Main Street Clothing
  • New items at Wheels

Level 91

  • The ability to go shirtless
  • Tier 2 Signature Pre-Game Rituals
  • Blacktop Arcade machine for MyCourt
  • New collection at Wheels
  • New tattoo options at Alley-Oops Tattoos

Level 92

  • Gym Rat Badge (extra energy, no need to work out)
  • The ability to use your own music

Level 93

  • The ability to learn tricks from Wheels
  • Tier 2 Signature Celebrations
  • 2K VIP Club invitation

Level 94

  • On Court Coach Badge (call plays, tell players to make shots, ask for the ball)
  • The ability to boost Takeover abilities in your secondary archetype or increase it in your primary archetype

Level 95

  • Tier 4 Signature Emotes
  • A boost for your next MyPlayer
  • Two chances to spin the wheel

Level 96

  • Double VC from all games
  • New option from Wheels

Level 97

  • Hoverboard

Level 98

  • A feature on NBA 2KTV
  • Team gear sold at Swag’s Main Street Clothing

Level 99

  • Legend Badge (all badges are raised)
  • Reference in NBA 2K20
  • Custom 2K shoes and a copy of NBA 2K20

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