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Basic Tips Hints

At 3:00 in-game, you will fall asleep and wake up rested in your home. Keep an eye on the time if you’re trying to get something done so you aren’t interrupted for sleep in the middle of it.

The condition of your house determines how much stamina resting there recovers. Therefore, you’ll want to repair your house as quickly as possible to get the maximum benefit.

Adding furniture to your house also boosts your stats, with the boosted stat differing based on the type of furniture you add. There is a maximum boost for each stat.

You have limited inventory space, but you can buy more inventory slots. Expand your inventory so you can carry more items with you.

Early on, you should prioritize your Gather skill tree, because you’ll be doing gathering right away. Gathering items also gives you experience, allowing you to get more skills. Focus on the Gather skills and then move on to the others once gathering is going well.

You should have multiple workstations so you can make multiple things at the same time.

Merchants will show you the current market condition, which you should use to determine when to sell items. If you sell an item when the Market Price percentage is higher than 100%, you’ll make a nice profit, whereas you’ll lose out if you sell it when the Market Price is lower than 100%.

 Commissions have time limits. If you accept a commission but can’t complete it in time, you’ll lose relationship points with the NPC behind the commission as well as reputation points. Always make sure you check the time limit before you accept a commission.

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How to Save Hints

To save your game, you must sleep. This is currently the only way to save your progress.

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