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Mechanica is an open-world survival game with a heavy focus on building and programming. Create your own bases, defenses, manufacturing systems and more. Explore the map and expand the scope and complexity of your creations. Step into a open-world, post-apocalyptic map populated by menacing robots. Establish your first base and begin automating. Improve your defenses with a range of devices to keep the increasingly hostile robots at bay. Create farms and water pumps to keep yourself fed and hydrated. Try your best to remain alive in this hostile world. Use the visual programming system to make objects interact in any way you wish. Make a tripwire trigger a flamethrower, use a button to instantly put your base in lockdown, control your mining outpost from across the map - anything is possible in Mechanica. Key Features - Build your own bases or fortify preexisting locations - Set up advanced defenses to fend off robots - Establish automated manufacturing systems to produce items for you - Build farms and water pumps to keep yourself fed and hydrated

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