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Last Updated: March 2, 2023

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Enabling Cheats Cheats

Before using these cheats, you must first set up and enable the in-game console in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. You won't need to install any additional software or have prior experience with cheat engines.

To use the console, all you have to do is add a launch parameter to the game. Select the game in your Steam library and then click "Properties." There should be a new window open. In this window, 'LAUNCH OPTIONS' should be visible." --ForceEnableConsole" must be added there (without quotation marks).

You are now done and can continue playing the game as usual. Load any campaign you’d like, and the cheats work with your saved games.

When you've loaded a saved game, press "`". This is referred to as a backquote or backtick. You may need to press another key if you do not have an English keyboard. You can use a keyboard visualising app to see if you can generate the required backquote. You must press the key with keycode 153 in-game if the website indicates that you did so. For other keyboards, you currently need to press the following specific keys:

  • German: " ö "
  • Nordic: " æ " 

Once you have done all of this you will need to set your cheat level as its standard setting will be “0”. After changing your cheat level all the other cheats will work.

Command Control Cheats

  • cl - Displays the current cheat level.
  • cl X - changes the current cheat level to x. It must be between 0 (nothing) and 3 (High).
  • help X - Displays details about another console command. X must be a different console command.
  • clear - Clears the console of any previous commands. This does not undo the previous commands!

Resource Cheats

  • gold X - Changes the player kingdom's gold to X.
  • give gold X - Transfers X gold to the chosen kingdom.
  • piety X - Changes the player kingdom's piety to X.
  • give piety X - Distributes X piety to the chosen kingdom.
  • books X - Sets the player's kingdom's books to X.
  • give books X - Distributes X books to the chosen kingdom.
  • spawn pop X - Adds X people to the realm/province of choice.


Cheathappens4ever showing you some of the cheats listed above


Additional Cheats Cheats

Below are some other helpful cheats:

  • unprison - Releases the chosen character.
  • imprison_all  - Puts everyone in the chosen kingdom in prison.
  • conquer - Takes control of the chosen kingdom.
  • kill - Assassinates the character you have chosen.
  • add _child X - add child X If X is zero, a prince is added. A princess will be added if X is something else.
  • force_endless_game X  - Depending on whether X is enabled or disabled, the game will continue to run even after an endgame condition has been met. In other words, even if a player is eliminated, the game still goes on. It is enabled if X is 1. If X is set to 0, it is disabled.
  • sub X - Makes the chosen kingdom a vassal/independent kingdom. If X equals one, the kingdom is made a vassal. When X equals zero, it becomes independent.
  • Cal X  - Elevates the selected kingdom to the status of a caliphate. If X is 1, the kingdom is transformed into a caliphate. If X is zero, the compound becomes non-caliphate.
  • cr X  - Alters the religion of the kingdom of choice. "Catholic," "Orthodox," "Muslim," and "Pagan" are all valid values for X.
  • ex - Excommunicate a particular kingdom.
  • unex - Select a kingdom to be un-excommunicated.
  • restore papacy - Restores the authority of the Pope.



AI Cheats Cheats

Below are some useful cheats: 

  • gai  - Turns on or off the AI for everyone.
  • kai - Turns off the AI for the chosen kingdom.
  • bai - Enables or disables AI within the battleview.
  • rai  - Enables or disables ai for rebels. This also enables or disables the spawning of the rebels.
  • max X - Raises the skill level of the chosen character. All skills level up if X is 1. A skill at random is levelled up if X is 0.

Warning: If your cheat level is set to 3 an army appears when you press the letter "I" or "Insert". This happens because it is part of the game code and cannot be changed. To avoid accidentally spawning armies you don't want, reduce your cheat level to 2 or lower.


King Eli demonstrates some of the cheats in-game.


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