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Last Updated: September 19, 2022
  • First Released: Oct 14, 2021

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Using a trainer


Being a sci-fi city builder, every player will eventually end up asking the same question, are there cheats for this game? The short answer is yes, yes there are. The longer version is that yes, there are cheats available, but you will need to download and install a trainer to gain access to these cheats. Unfortunately, Infraspace does not offer cheats in the form of cheat codes or console commands, but if you were do download a trainer, you can gain access to cheats such as:

  • Add Concrete
  • Add steel
  • Set population
  • Max Power Output

Make sure to do your research beforehand and download a trainer from a trusted site. There are trainers that offer specific cheats, so make sure to look around and find which one best suits your needs and desires.

Learn How to use your traffic lights


One of the most important ways to alleviate the traffic within your city is to study the traffic and see if you are needing to put a set of traffic lights in an intersection or not. If laid out correctly, an intersection might not need a set of traffic lights, but other times it cannot be helped. You will notice that without traffic lights, you can set the thoroughfare on each lane in the intersection, this can help alleviate traffic, but make sure to make use of all the lanes. If you do need to put in traffic lights, you will notice that you can set different phases on your traffic lights, this will enable you to allow for left turns without slowing traffic down too much. Make sure to study the traffic on the roads, you might need to set different phases to different times to allow for all the busy thoroughfares to get through the lights and alleviate the traffic. Keep in mind that if you do start to use traffic lights, you will more than likely have to use them in most of your intersections, traffic lights can cause backups in certain intersections as it lets through a bunch of traffic at the same time.

Maniac Max shows us the world of traffic lights.

Concrete into Superhighway


One of the fastest ways to transport material in Infraspace is to build a superhighway to cart all the material from one area to another. Although it is the quickest way to do it, it ends up costing you way too much material to build your superhighway. Thankfully, some players have figured out a way to cut costs on your superhighway building. If you were to build a one-way concrete highway that connects the two points you are needing and then replace each segment with a superhighway segment one at a time, it ends up being way cheaper than just building a superhighway from the start.

Sectors that should never connect


When building large to very large cities, there are some sectors that you should never connect. Each type of sector will create its own specific traffic, and if you combine these sectors, the traffic in your city will be terrible. So the sectors that you do not want to connect at all, not even with roads or railways, are the Building Concrete zone, the Building Steel Zone, the science zone, and then the city as a unit. Connecting these zones to each other will cause a mess of traffic throughout your city and will also stretch your resources to the limit, as it tries to share your resources across the board.

Maniac Max explains about the different sectors.

Learn How to use Districts


What districts allow you to do is to specialize buildings to make sure that they are focusing on certain aspects. For example, you can set a certain building to supply another building with its products. Doing this will allow you to make sure that these buildings are maximizing their outputs, and in doing so, allows you to achieve the milestones that you need to. Suppliers will make sure that they are supplying the closest producer with their supply, so as they are done supplying the producer closest to them, they will then look at the next closest and start shipping their excess to that producer, this will cause a lot of traffic within your city. Marking which producer a supplier must focus on will make sure that it does not supply others with the excess. Making sure that certain districts supply other districts will allow you to make sure that no detriments occur, such as traffic, because your city is trying to automate itself. 

Maniac Max tells us about what districts do.

It is all about the city Itself


When building massive cities, the best way to go about it is by separating the city into blocks, as you do this, you will find that it is easier to cater to the needs of each city block rather than having to try and cater to a large sum of people at one time. Separating the city into blocks will enable you to set up suppliers just outside of the blocks limits to ensure that they can cater to that section of the city, as well as ease traffic. Be sure to set up highways that lead into the city from the suppliers, but do not set it up so that they feed directly into the city, this will cause a lot of traffic. It is recommended that you set up a highway that joins all the suppliers and then feeds into your city to ease congestion.

Maniac Max teaches us about setting up city blocks.

Make sure to learn different patterns


Some of the buildings that affect other buildings have an area of effect aura that spreads out in a circle from the building. The buildings that have the most effect will be the stadiums, schools, and parks. If you do enough research and testing, you can find the best way of setting up your city that will allow your stadiums, parks, and schools to cover most of your buildings.

Maniac Max shows us a nice layout for your city.

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