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Last Updated: June 10, 2022
Heads Will Roll
  • First Released: Sep 4, 2021

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Starting the game off on a good foot


Starting off in Heads will Roll can be a bit tricky, as you cannot choose what starting gear to start with and you also cannot manually select and distribute attribute points. This can make the game tough if you start with certain stats that are low, to begin. Luckily, when starting a game, you can randomize your attributes as many times as you want. Certain attributes help out more than others, so make sure to spend some time re-rolling your attributes until you are happy with the results before you get started.

Items to keep your eyes peeled for


Throughout the game, there are items placed around the world that can help you. Keep your eyes out for items that improve stats or work more towards your play style. Items and gear to keep your eyes peeled for include:

  • Best:
    • Lucky Coin: This is an item to watch out for in the early game, it does not award any combat bonuses but can set you up for the late game really well. Lucky Coin gives you bonus gold for kills and even gives you better sell prices on any item that you have.
  • Good:
    • Playing Dice: Gambling can be a risky way to make money in Heads will Roll, it can either make your game very easy or make it the hardest and most frustrating game you have ever played. Obtaining the Gambling Dice will improve your odds when gambling, giving you that extra edge while playing. This can help you obtain a decent amount of gold for the early game among other things.
    • Unreliable Poison: Although it does not seem to be the best item to look for, unreliable poison can help you a ton in the early game. Unreliable poison will greatly increase your killing potential, it can help you defeat stronger opponents faster and easier in the early game. Killing stronger opponents faster will increase the value of the rewards that you gain once you kill them.
    • Leather Bracers: do not look like a great item as they do not give you much towards stats or fighting potential but in the early game, increasing stats by any amount will go towards you winning fights and getting the higher tier items from your victories.
    • Leather Boots: much like the leather bracers, will give you a few stats that will help you in grinding to the higher levels. Not only that, but they will help by making the Scavenging action more effective.
  • Nice to Have:
    • Rabbits Foot: Being a game that is based on luck and rolls, Heads will Roll is a game that you would benefit from having something to make your rolls less luck and more chance. The Rabbits Foot item will help you out a ton by improving your rolls for combat as well as your rolls for quests. Quest rolls can mean the difference between an easy quest that you are generously rewarded on or a failed quest that leaves you scarred. So finding the Rabbit’s Foot will help you out in the long run.
    • Poor Man's Pouch/ Coin Pouch: will give you extra slots for consumables. This will help you on your journey as you are able to store more consumables. These consumables can be the difference between life and death with every quest that you face, why not want more than a few?
    • Alcohol: The medieval times do not offer much in the form of stress relief, thankfully though, it has alcohol. Alcohol is one of the best stress relievers in the game, very useful inquests and in training. Be sure to keep some on you at all times.

Stats to focus on


As mentioned before, stats cannot be manually added to or subtracted from at the beginning of the game, you have to reroll and try to get the most ideal stats that you can, but what are the most ideal stats? The stat that you want to try and get high is Virtue. Virtue will help you get through your quests with less trouble, more health, and take less damage. Virtue is one of the stats that if you already possess some, it is easier to get more than to try and get from scratch. So as you start your quest, make sure to keep an eye on Virtue and try to start with as much as you can.

Farming up Gear


Farming up a gear in Heads will Roll is one of the better things to do to get further in the game, it makes combat and quests a lot easier as you get more, but how do you gear? Gear can be obtained in many different ways, here are a few:

  • Quests: Doing quests will drop a gear for you as you go along, so making sure to do as many quests as possible will help you out in the long run. Not all quests belong to the main storyline, so doing some side quests along the way will make sure that you have enough gear to make the story that much easier.
  • Loot: As with most games out there, looting is one of the most used ways of getting loot. Killing as many enemies as possible will ensure that you are geared up to face even stronger foes in the future. Make sure to fight as many enemies as you can, and as you get more and more geared, start facing even stronger foes to gain even better loot.
  • Trade: Another way that games like to ensure that you have the right gear and equipment available in the trading system. If you have too much low-level gear lying around in your inventory, sell it all to get gold. Once you have enough gold, you can spend it all on new, stronger gear from merchants. This enables you to still get value from low-level gear drops.
  • Scavenge: The final way of obtaining gear is the scavenge option. Once you reach a hub, you have the option of scavenging gear, you can select this option once. The gear that you usually receive will be lower leveled gear, but mostly crafting components that can be used at your own discretion. There is a chance to receive something a little more powerful when selecting the Scavenge option, so make sure to utilize this option every time you reach a new hub. 

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