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Last Updated: December 27, 2022
  • First Released: May 19, 2021

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Frozenheim Trainer


Being a strategy-type game, Frozenheim can offer a lot more entertainment when you are able to use cheats. Thankfully, players on the internet have come to our aid and created trainers that you can download. These trainers will give you access to cheats which you can use to your heart's content. Downloading and using these trainers can give you access to cheats such as:

  • Edit Workers - Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 1
    Increase: Numpad 1
  • Edit Food - Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 2
    Increase: Numpad 2
  • Edit Mead - Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 3
    Increase: Numpad 3
  • Edit Wood - Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 4
    Increase: Numpad 4
  • Edit Stone - Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 5
    Increase: Numpad 5
  • Edit Steel -  Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 6
    Increase: Numpad 6
  • Edit Bog Iron - Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 7
    Increase: Numpad 7
  • Edit Animal Skins - Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 8
    Increase: Numpad 8
  • Edit Clothes - Decrease: CTRL + Numpad 9
    Increase: Numpad 9
There  is  no  download  link  for  this  trainer
Miamoto, 1 year ago - Reply

Take things Slow from the get go


Frozenheim is a game where even the layout of your village will make a difference. Trying to get to the end game in a fast manner can sometimes be a detriment to your village and game. Make sure that you plan out your village and get the flow working just right. Everything from available resources and the happiness of your people can be a factor as to whether your village will survive and be prosperous. So make sure to take things a little slower than you usually do and plan out every step of the way.

Kysen shows us the best way to start the game.

Do not be afraid to get rid of redundant buildings


As mentioned before, even the layout of your village can be a hindrance to whether your village succeeds or not. Making sure that you take a look at the layout of your village every so often is a key factor in making sure that your village is successful. Do not be afraid to remove buildings that are limiting the movement of your villagers or even deleting them and building them somewhere else will help improve your village.

Pick the right clan for you


One of the best aspects of Frozenheim is the fact that you pick a clan that will give you certain perks depending on which one you pick, here are the choices:

The Deer Clan: This clan prides itself in increasing production.

The Wolf Clan: This clan enjoys fighting and warfare.

The Crow Clan: These guys are amazing scouts and love religion.

The Bear Clan: This clan is very durable and enjoys a nice long siege.

Keep in mind that there is no wrong choice when picking a clan, but picking a clan that does not suit your play style can make your life a little bit more difficult. Make sure that you do some research into these clans and see which one will offer the best perks for your play style and then join up with them. Be sure to be aware of everything that they offer and utilize it to the best of your ability.

Be sure to micromanage your battles


Frozenheim offers a really good combat system, so learning how to fight will be to the best of your interests. Micromanaging involves giving specific orders to certain units in battles, so learning which strength each unit has can mean the difference between winning a battle and losing it. For example, using units as bait can help your archers gain time and reign arrows down on distracted enemies. Learning how to micromanage will show you a world of results, even if you only learn a small amount of it. So be sure to learn a few strategies and this will make battles and sieges a lot more fun.

Make sure to scout out your surroundings


Scouting is one of the most important things to do in Frozenheim. Knowing the map around your village will be to the best of your advantage, knowing where enemies might approach from or even scouting out resources will go a far way. Resources in Frozenheim are finite, so there is no farming in one spot forever, so learning the location of nearby resources can save you time and effort later on in the game. Scouting should be one of the first things on your list in the early game.

Kysen explains the best way to use scouts.

Early on, focus on production


While combat is a big part of Frozenheim, having a big army and next to no production will be a detriment to your village. In the early game, focus on getting the production of resources going to make sure that you have a small stockpile for when you are building up your army. This will help you to avoid running around while trying to maintain your troops with low resources. Keeping your village in the most ideal layout will help your production speed up and save time.

Build a good defence


One of the more annoying things that you will have to deal with while playing Frozzenheim, is that you will have to defend your village against attackers. This can make your life really miserable when you are trying to stockpile resources and raiders will appear to destroy all your hard work. This can be avoided by making sure that you build defensive structures around your base, this will help prevent raiders from easily accessing your resources. Make sure that you build a gate as well, this will allow your troops to fight raiders outside of your walls and repel their attack more easily.

Make use of the warehouses


Warehouses store resources that you gather. Once you have one, you can even assign gatherers to harvest nearby resources. If you place a warehouse near the resource you are wanting to gather, this will severely lower the time it takes for the resource to be usable, as your villagers do not need to travel far to deposit the resource. Make sure that you have warehouses placed down in key gathering spots and be sure to defend these warehouses. This will make your life a whole lot easier by making resource gathering a breeze.

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