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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Frozen Flame
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Nov 16, 2022
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Indie
  • Themes: Action, Fantasy, Survival

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Defeating Titan Glitch


There is a glitch that can be activated when fighting the Titan boss in Frozen Flame. When the Titan boss first exploded out of the mountain, in the beginning of the battle, you must take cover behind a tree. The tree will stop the titans laser beams from damaging you.

The tree will only prevent his laser beams from damaging you for a few seconds. You must then move to a wooden structure and hide behind it. The titans laser beams will begin to damage his own health and he will be defeated.

Mookong1k shares a glitch in Frozen Flame.

Boss Glitch


On the southern side of Dragons Cove, there is an island with a library on it. Go to that island and enter the library. You can also enter the island through a quest from a blacksmith. Once you have entered the library, you will need to search for a purple spawning portal.

Land on top of the bookcase and jump down to spawn the "Bonecrusher". Quickly fly back up to the top of the bookcase and start shooting him with arrows. You will eventually kill the "Bonecrusher" and be rewarded with Nature Crystals. When you jump back down onto the ground, the "Bonecrusher" will respawn.

The game doesn't pick up that you have killed the "Bonecrusher" as your feet weren't touching the ground. You can repeat this glitch multiple times until you have enough Nature Crystals.

How To Get a Backpack


In Frozen Flame there are a lot of items to loot and carry. Owning your own backpack will increase your max carry weight by 50. The Woven Backpack is the only backpack that is available in the game.

The easiest way to acquire a backpack is to purchase it from Dora. You can find Dora in a small stall that is located north of the ruins, near her brother Diodurus. The backpack costs 10 Rune Stones.

There is a limited amount of Rune Stones that are available in the game. If you prefer to use your limited amount of Rune Stones to purchase other items, there is an alternative way to acquire a Woven backpack.

Once you have defeated the first boss in the game, you are able to craft your own Woven backpack. You will need to gather 10 Fabric, 5 Large Boar Hide, and 5 Nibbler Leather before you can craft your own backpack.

Crafting in Frozen Flame is done with different workbenches, every workbench unlocks a different item. Once you have collected all the items, a Woven backpack will become unlocked.

Gaming Tornedo shows us how to craft a Woven backpack.

How To Fly


Flying is an important ability that you must unlock to gather items and travel around faster. Unlocking the ability to fly can only be achieved several hours into gameplay after you have completed multiple quests.

You will first need to defeat the first boss in the game to unlock the Broken Valley portal. Take the portola to the Broken Valley and search for "Hornhead". Once you find him, you will need to speak to him and complete the quest " Help the Hornhead". 

The quest will require you to build a Stone Workbench for and craft a "Bone Pickaxe". In order to complete this quest you will need to find some resources to build these items. Search for an island that will be in the near vicinity.

To reach this island, you must use branches from trees to construct a bridge with makeshift floors. Once you reach the island, you will have to kill a Nibbler and collect the Nibbler leather. You must then return to Hornhead where he will then give you further instructions to collect "Flint".

Travel to "Cradle of Keepers", there you will be able to collect Flint from the large rocks. You will then have to build a Stone Workbench from which you will be able to craft a Bone Pickaxe.

The completed Bone Pickaxe must be given to Hornhead. He will then reward you with a Bird Toy. The Bird Toy must be placed on a statue of a bird that is nearby. You will then have unlocked the ability to fly.

Now that you have unlocked the ability to fly you must press the "Jump" button twice. This command will transform you into a flying bird. You will now be able to fly in Frozen Flame. If you wish to return to your human form, you must press the "Jump" button twice while your bird is flying. 

Falling from heights will damage your health and could even kill you. An alternative method to transform back is to simply touch the ground when you are a flying bird. 

BoloBravoSierra shares a guide with us on how to fly in Frozen Flame.

Trade Cooked Meat For Magic Seeds


Resources are one of the most important things to have in Frozen Flame. Running around and gathering resources is time consuming and inefficient. While you are playing the game you will need to kill boar for their hides. Collect and store the meat from the boar.

Cook the meat that you have collected and trade it with a shop located in "Cradle of Keepers" for magic seeds.

Dr_AlejandroGaming shares some tips and tricks for playing Frozen Flame.

How To Get The Rings of Cronos


There are four different "Rings of Cronos" that you can acquire in Frozen Flame.In order to get the "Rings of Cronos" you will first need to find the "Books of Cronos" and trade them for the rings.

There are several memorials located around the map.You will need to find all the memorials in the game to acquire the "Books of Cronos". Once you find a memorial you will need to examine it in order for it to count.

Each biome in the game has its own amount of memorials that you will need to find. Once you find all the memorials in a biome you will be gifted a "Book of Cronos". When you have acquired all the "Books of Cronos" you must go to Cronos and trade with him for a ring.

Azex shows you how to get the rings of Cronos.

How to Build a House


Building can be done from the beginning of the game. You will first need to collect resources and then go into "building mode" and construct a house. The first step to building a house is finding a safe location. Find an area on the map that is away from enemy spawns, close to a teleporter, and surrounded by resources.

Find a suitable location to build your structure.You will then need to gather resources such as wood from trees, and stone from rocks. When you have sufficient resources you can begin to construct a shelter. When your structure is complete there should be a "sheltered" icon that appears on the left.

If a "Sheltered" icon doesn't appear on your screen, your house will begin to decay from the natural elements and will eventually fall apart. You will then have to regather resources to build a new structure.

Lumi Light shows you how to build a house.

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