First Class Trouble Cheats on PC

Last Updated: April 3, 2022
First Class Trouble
  • First Released: Apr 7, 2021

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Cremating a Fallen Passenger


Once you have a body that you need to somehow get rid of, cremation is the way to go. You can either murder somebody or you may happen to somehow find a body. 

You are going to need an alcohol puddle that can be set alight or find a pre-lit fire. Pick the body up and lay the corpse down over the area where the area you would like.

Grab the nearest lighter and send the deceased body out of the earth. Be careful not to stand too close to the body as you may set yourself alight too!

The body is going to remain blazing for a short period of time. Once you have completed this process, you can walk to the remains and you will have an option to pick up the pieces. You can release the pieces to the airlock so that they will never be found again. 

Door Symbols cheat sheet


Understanding each symbol will take a while as you will need to speak to each resident in order to find out their meaning. The Image has an explanation of each symbol that will become handy along the journey, making it easier and faster.

Created by Ti2l.

Original source:

See what each shape means - Ti2l

Use a Mic


First Class trouble has a built-in proximity voice chat for during gameplay, between the two Personoids, and an open voice chat during the meetings. This is a main component of the game. 

Using your in-game mic allows for communications to be made between the players. You can use the mic can discuss and figure out which players are actually Personoids, and which of them are Residents. 

Proximity Chat 

The proximity chat works in a way that allows players who are in the same area to talk to each other over the voice feature. The closer you are to the characters, the louder your voice will be to the other player’s audio. Both Residents and Personoids can utilise this chat.

Personoid Chat

The Personoid Chat allows for the Personoids to talk to each other at all stages. Nobody else can hear or intercept this chat. The Personoids can only communicate while they are still alive. 

Personoids should use this chat to plan out and plot with each other, working together to get rid of all the residents. 


Meetings are times where all the Residents and Personoids are in a room together. This is a time when you can talk about the events that have taken and communicate whether you have found another player suspicious. Not having a mic in this situation leaves the player unable to defend himself, nor have the opportunity to speak about their own suspicions.


Easter Eggs

The Circuit board in the electronics room, the Personoid Quarters, May look familiar. The circuit board in the Persanoid Quarters is the exact same as the ghost-hunting game Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia is another multiplayer online game where you can have fun with friends. It's clear that First Class Trouble drew its inspiration from games like Among Us and Cluedo. But they may be clear fans of ghost hunting as well.

The circuit board in this image, is an exact replica of the circuits boards you will interact with on Phasmaphobia

Juke Box

Easter Eggs

Have you completed all your tasks and you're unsure what to do, how about a good dance! If you walk up to the Juke Box that is located in the first level, on the opposite end of the elevator closest to the "clicking "doors. 

You are able to interact with the Juke Box. Your character will start to dance along to the music! Perhaps have a dance party with some friends, and enjoy life a little before the murdering begins.

Watch as Delirious and his mates have fun with the Juke Box 5 minutes into the video.

Skills Check


There are 3 types of skills in this game that will require 2 individuals partnering up and completing the checks.


You have to describe your symbols to each other and once you have both chosen the correct symbols the door will open.

Activating the button at the same time

You and your partner can for instance count to 3 and press the button at the same time and the door will open. There are other methods you and your partner can explore if this doesn't work for you. 

Moving lines 

Lines will appear in the middle of the screen and they will be moving from right to left. You and your partner will need to click mouse one once the lines moved over the brown area in the bar and you will continue this until the meter at the bottom is full and then the door will open.

This skill check is the most common because it appears in 4 areas: by the Doors, oxygen generators, airlocks, and escape pods. 

Sam goes deep into detail many important things you may need to know about First Class Trouble.

Hazards in the game


There are multiple hazards around the ship that Personoids can use to kill the Residents. Here are a few to look out for.


If you fall into the pool at the resort you will need another player to grb the life saving tube to rescue you from drowning. 

Falling chandeliers 

When you are walking in the casino be careful as the Personiod cause a chandelier to drop onto you and you will die. 

Freezer at the Restaurant 

The skill check requires your partner to hold the door open for you. If your partner fails by accident or on purpose you will be locked inside and you will freeze to death. 


When doing the skill check at the airlock if another player fails to do the skill check properly or pushes you while you are doing the skill you will be sent out into space and you will die.

"To The Point"gets ... well to the point of First Class Trouble and goes into each of the Hazards to look out for.

The Points System


Residents can earn: Progression, Deduction & Collaboration 

Personiods can earn: Progression, Deception & Sabotage 

Progression points are earned when you move onto the next area for example inserting keycards, picking out passenger logs. 

Deduction points are earned when you eliminate a Personiod or assist in the elimination of a Personiod, vote or devote a Personiod and if you scan a Personiod or save a Resident from a hazard. 

Collaboration points are earned by completing co-op doors, repairing an oxygen generator if you won the game with no Personiods alive.

Progression points for Personids are earned by progressing to the next area. 

Deductions points are earned by picking up syringes, killing a resident with a hazard, sabotaging an oxygen station, voting on a Resident or you were the last Resident alive. 

Sabotage points are earned by sabotaging oxygen generators or failing to repair an oxygen generator.

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